Two Surprising Things Behind Every Transformation

What does it take to change your health and fitness? If I asked you to name two things you need for transformation, you might say “diet and exercise”, or “healthy eating and more activity”.

You wouldn’t necessarily be wrong…

…but that wouldn’t be the best answer. 

Everyone knows that changing your body (particularly weight loss) takes some kind of tweaking of calories, usually through food, exercise, or both.

Those things are the “facts and figures” of a successful fitness or fat loss transformation.

But you are a human, not a calculator, so it takes much more than plugging in the numbers and pressing “start”.

The human behaviours behind results

Every client success story is underpinned by two important behavioural factors. Taking action, and being consistent.

Nothing will ever happen until you get started. You might have all the knowledge in the world about calories, training, biology and physiology. You could have the perfect plan. But you have to do it – and stick to it.

Knowledge vs action

Since my life was changed by a coach in my mid-20s, I’ve been passionate about reading. I love to devour books on human psychology, nutrition, and exercise. 

But when it comes to making changes in our lives, taking in information is just the beginning. Reading and learning won’t move you forward unless you act on what you’ve learned.

Being in motion vs moving forward

It’s important to distinguish between action that will move you forward, and taking action for the sake of it. Some things feel like “action”, but they are actually procrastination techniques that will keep you stuck. The usual suspects here are research, reading, and talking to people about what you’re going to do.

True action is doing what you’ve said you’ll do. Cooking the healthy meal rather than researching nutrition. Going for a walk instead of weighing up gym workouts.

Action for the sake of it can be a useful part of the foundations, but it will remain meaningless all the while you are stuck in place.

How the human brain retains information

Taking action and experiencing things first-hand is a critical part of cognitive development.

We retain:

20% of what we hear 

30% of what we see

50% of what we hear and see 

70% of what we see, hear and do

90% of what we see, hear, say and do

See (learning/reading), hear (audio information, hearing from an expert), say (repeating or practicing new information) and do (taking action and getting on with it).

If you want transformation, to improve your mindset, your nutrition or your fitness, you need to start taking action. And I suggest you start now, and learn along the way.

3 ways to start taking action

1. Set a schedule

Avoid the dreaded “I’ll start again on Monday” syndrome by creating a simple schedule for key actions. When will you do exercise, go on long walks, do a healthy food shop, plan meals for the week?

2. Get support

Set off in the right direction by having the support of trusted advisor who can guide you with resources and experience. If you decide that in-person or online coaching is right for you, I’d be happy to help.

3. Pick mini goals

Most of your actions will be regular daily habits. But it helps to have occasional one-off events that act as highlights. You might like to enter a running race, test your 1 rep maxes in the gym, or complete a week without alcohol. Whatever works to wow yourself a bit!

Start walking the path. Learn along the way. The route to transformation won’t be linear, but you’ll still make more progress than standing still.

If you’re ready to take action and want some expert support, get in touch to chat about my private coaching programme.

Coach Joseph Webb.

‘The number one rated Personal Trainer In Henley and Oxfordshire’

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