5 Tips to burn 3000 extra calories

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The fitness world is full of numbers – 3500 calories to burn a pound of fat, 10,000 steps a day, (not to mention the ridiculous sweeping statements about the ‘ideal’ calorie intake – !!)

Here’s one number that I really like:

One Hundred Calories

Why do I like it?

Well, 100 cal’s might not sound like much.

But they all add up.

Like I always say, it’s better to chip away at these small wins and little changes.

The time will pass anyway, so why not spend it inching your way forward towards your goals?

You might think “but I need to burn thousands of calories to lose this weight!” That might be true.

But it’s far easier to burn 100 calories often throughout your day. And those 100 calorie blocks will add up.

It’s all the same to your body!

Hey, what do you have to lose? Try it!

5 Ways You Can Burn 100 Calories

  1. 15-20 minutes decent paced walking outside
  2. 10-15 mins gardening like raking, digging etc
  3. 10-15 mins of walking upstairs
  4. 5-7 minutes of running (ideally with some sprints)
  5. 5 minutes HIIT bodyweight workout

There’s another way….snip 100 calories from your food intake! (Or you could double them up and blast 200 calories!)

Measure oil, butter, and cheese (it’s easy to save 100 calories of fats – 10g is usually 90+ calories).

Swap a latte for a black coffee with a generous splash of milk.

Don’t drink full-sugar fizzy drinks (can be well over 100 calories a can).

Ditch the orange juice at breakfast.

Have 1 biscuit instead of 3 (and savour it!)

100 calories might not sound worth it until you think that it’s 700 calories in one week… 3000 in a month….365,000 in a year.

For just a few minutes extra movement.

What do you think – worth it?

Speak to you soon,

Coach Joseph Webb.

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