No time to exercise? Do this

“I Don’t Have Time To Exercise”

Do you make this ‘excuse’ to skip training sessions?

Disclaimer: I don’t actually like the word “excuse” because I know your reasons seem 100% valid.

But today I want to help you find ways around them.

“When would I find time to get to the gym?”

“There aren’t enough hours in the day”

“Maybe when the kids are in school”

“I should spend my free time with my family”

“I’m not a morning person”

Recognise any of those ^^^ ‘reasons’?

I Get It

Exercise does NOT always come easy to me either.

I’ve got two young son’s, a partner and we’ve recently started a second company.

But I do it. I find the time. I make the time!


Because it’s EXCEPTIONALLY important to me.

Taking care of my health is one of my core values.

Not just for me, but for my partner (I want her to feel proud to be with me), for my boy’s (I want to be a fit and healthy Dad), and for myself.

Once I had decided that regular exercise and healthy eating was a non-negotiable, it became a case of MAKING the time.

Do You Want To Be Healthier, Fitter, Slimmer?

Do you WANT a better-looking body?

To be healthy, fit, and energised for your kids and partner?


Now think about ‘why’ you want that, finding you’re why will unlock a powerful motivation inside of you (which comes in handy on the days you don’t feel like training).

We All Have 24 Hours In A Day

Nobody has more (unfortunately!) but nobody has less, either.

Most of us waste some time every day doing things which aren’t crucial, and often don’t do us any favours.

The second thing you can do is write down how you spend your day.

What is set in stone?

Is there anything that could be moved?

What could be delegated to someone else?

and what could be given up altogether?

This will help you find some time for your training, then we can assess what to do with that time.

My Suggestion:

Get Fit In 3 Short Sessions Per Week

You do NOT need to find 1+ hours every single day.

All you need is 20-30 minutes, 3 times per week!

What’s the most effective way of doing this?

HIIT Workouts

I’ve always been a huge fan of sprinkling HIIT workouts into my client’s sessions and my own training.

(HIIT) High-Intensity Interval Training means you can get fit, burn fat, and lose weight in just 20-30 minutes of work – as compared to long, boring cardio sessions or aimless trips to the gym.

It means you only need to find 3 x 20-30 minutes per week.

Team these tips up with a calorie deficit in your eating plan and you have a potent formula for burning fat and shaping your body with just 3 short sessions a week.


If you need some HIIT workouts to try, head over to my youtube channel now and search ‘Coach Joseph Webb’

Have a great day,

Coach Joseph Webb.

Pic: Teaching a group HIIT class in 2018. Want to try a HIIT workout with a qualified coach? Apply today for our private personal training services.

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