The ultimate fat loss secret (keep this private)

Ok, I have a powerful fat loss secret to share with you today and once you start using, people are going to be asking what the hell you’re doing to make such rapid changes.

With that warning out the way, let me ask you a few questions…

Your Weight Loss Genie

If I granted you 3 fat loss wishes, what would you ask for?

Most people I talk to say something like….

“That all food contained zero calories”

“That everything was as easy as putting on weight”

“That exercise sessions would never be more than 20 minutes”

Well I can’t do anything about #2 (although I do have some suggestions for #1).

But #3 is no problem!

You already know that you need to burn calories (and create a calorie deficit) to lose weight, right? So it makes sense that longer exercise sessions will burn more calories, right?

Not so fast…

The “more is better” myth needs busting. In fact it needs to be smashed into bits, put in a box, and thrown off Henley Bridge on a particularly chilly morning.

I can see why this misconception is popular. It DOES make sense that longer exercise sessions will burn more calories and therefore help you achieve greater fat loss.

But the problem with long, slow cardio workouts (like cardio machines at the gym) is that they just burn calories there and then.

Let’s say you burn 400 calories doing cardio, you could easily eat these calories back in a heartbeat (some fancy mocha-frappuchino-latte-smoothies are more than 400 cals!) And those 400 calories aren’t an accurate reflection.

You would have “burned” around 70 calories just walking around. So actually, you’ve only burned an extra 330 calories in your cardio session.

Master Your Metabolism

The main problem with “more is more” cardio is that it does NOTHING for your metabolism after you finish. Step off that cardio machine, and your body goes straight back to normal calorie burning levels.

Which is why HIIT training has become so popular for fat loss. It takes half the time to complete and if done correctly burns far more calories!

So how does HIIT (high-intensity interval training) work? Put simply you alternate between periods of maximum effort and recovery, so you work as hard as you can, then have a short break, then work super-hard again.

Your body never really gets a chance to recover during the 30 minutes, but the rest periods make you feel capable of carrying on.

The result? Sweat pouring, heart beating and calories buggering off!

In fact, not only will you burn calories during the workout, but you burn MORE calories all day after the workout! (meaning more potential fat loss)

Why? Because the intensity of the workout ramps up your metabolic rate, keeping you burning calories for hours after the session (some studies suggest up to 24+ hours!) after.

Still wish “that exercise session only had to last 20 minutes”?

Your Wish Is My Command

20 minutes of hard work is all it takes if you know what to do.

HIIT is the secret weapon of the leanest people on the planet, and now you have the knowledge to transform your body fast!

If you want to try HIIT training today, then head over to the Coach Joseph Webb Youtube Channel and choose from 1 of 70 HIIT workouts designed for fat loss:

Coach Joseph Webb.

P.S Do you want to try some HIIT training with an expert coach? Check out our Private Personal Training and get in touch today.

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