Get a quick win today (and lose more)

Are You Ready For A Quick Win?

Losing weight, getting fit, building strength – they are all LONG TERM goals.

Which isn’t a bad thing.

But have you ever considered the value of a “quick win” as you work towards your current target?

Here’s why I love “quick wins” and encourage all our clients to use them.

Start Small

A “quick win” is something you get under your belt early on.

For weight loss, it will be that first pound or two – enough to make you feel like it’s not a fluke, you really are on your way.

For fitness, it could be getting up and just GOING for a run one day.

There. Done. WIN!

In themselves, these little wins aren’t much. But – actually – they are EVERYTHING.

They Show You What You’re Capable Of

Quick wins demonstrate the power of taking action.

They give you confidence and let you experience how it feels to succeed.

Quick wins make carrying on worthwhile…

So How Can I Help You Get A Quick Win?

Do a healthy food shop. Vegetables, lean proteins, healthy carbohydrates like oats, potatoes, rice.

None of your trigger foods (you’ll know what they are).

That’s a win that takes little effort but sets you up for bigger wins.

Do A Workout:

If you’re training at home then try one of our HIIT workouts on our Youtube channel, That will be a “win” that you would not have achieved in a normal week.

Get To Bed Earlier Tonight:

Just do it. Turn off the TV, don’t try to finish that bit of work, shut down Facebook.

Don’t check your phone or iPad in bed.

You will feel this quick win tomorrow, I promise!

Go For A Walk Today:

Identify 20-30 minutes of “dead time” in your day, and just head out the door.

It doesn’t matter where you go.

Just get out in the fresh air and sunshine (especially today).

It’s not a workout, but it’s more of a win that NOT going for a walk!

Quick wins lead to momentum and momentum leads to more wins…

they all add up… so please grab yourself one “quick win” this week and see positive it makes you feel.

Coach Joseph Webb.

P.S If you are looking for help getting more wins in your life, why not apply for our online coaching or private personal training services?

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