“Last Roll Of The Dice” for Pippa and two dress sizes down


Client Pippa Schultz
‘Pippa is a mum of two and completely changed her health and fitness lifestyle with our coaching’

Pippa Schutz had a decision to make. She was fed up with being a size 12, no longer able to wear most of her nice clothes. 

But it wasn’t so bad… she’d had two children, after all. 

On the other hand, getting down to a size 10 again would be wonderful. 

It was crunch time: should Pippa accept her new body size, or bite the bullet and give it a proper go?

Here she is, 9kgs lighter and two dress sizes smaller, to explain why it was easier than she ever imagined.

“I’m a Mum of two, working part time – the usual story of being too busy to fit things in,” Pippa said. 

“I’d been in great shape a few years ago, but couldn’t maintain it. 

My Main Problem Was Time

I just could not work out how to stay in shape with the limited time I have to exercise.”

Pippa suddenly realised she had reached a tipping point. 

Her body shape was between two sizes, and she was more comfortable buying the larger size. 

No big deal, but it didn’t make her happy. Her girls were 10 and 8 years old now, so the baby-weight ship had sailed. 

“I remember thinking, will I be happy settling at a size 12, or do I want to put some effort in and do things properly once and for all?”

“I’m only 5’ 2’’, so I was facing the reality of getting rid of a lot of smaller clothes and turning my back on the idea of being slim. This felt like last-chance territory.”

Choose A Coach Who Does Things Properly

Pippa is good friends with one of my other clients, Morag (who lost nearly 20kgs with me – read her story here).

“Morag absolutely raved about Joe’s coaching,” said Pippa. “My birthday was coming up, and I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more.”

Common Mistakes Were Holding Her Back

Pippa had a good understanding of healthy eating, and put a lot of effort into cardio sessions at the gym. 

But she was making a few basic mistakes that were keeping her from reaching her goal. I knew it could be a lot easier – and more fun!

“Gym sessions took me over an hour with travel time, and that’s not realistic when you’ve got two kids at home,” said Pippa. 

“Taking time out of your evening to do something that doesn’t work feels really demoralising!

Sending A Healthy Message To Her Children

“I told Joe it was important for me to set a good example for my girls,” she said. “I was determined not to make this about eating less, or “dieting”. 

My workouts had to be about getting stronger, not thinner. As a Dad of two young children, Joe completely understood.”

I designed Pippa a training and nutrition plan that would actually give her more time with her family.

Instead of heading to the gym once her children were in bed, she could do my insanely effective 20-minute workouts at home whilst the girls had their screen time.

And instead of trudging away on the treadmill alone, she soon became fit enough to join her sporty husband on his outdoor runs.

My Coaching Surprised Her

Two things surprised Pippa about my style of coaching: the flexibility and the effectiveness!

“Joe came to my house to train me twice a week, and then gave me short videos I could do at home,” she said. 

“Compared to lengthy trips to a gym, this was bliss! So quick and easy.”

Discover The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

Pippa also learned how to train with weights for the first time in her life.

“I’d never understood what to do, so I avoided the weights section in the gym,” she said. 

“I now know it has a huge impact – more than any kind of cardio or classes I’ve ever done before.”

Results Came Quickly

After just a couple of weeks, Pippa’s clothes started getting looser. Within 6 weeks, people at work were noticing the changes.

“I got down to a size 8/10 which is ideal for my frame and height,” she said. “I found some old photos from before I had the girls – I definitely look better now!”

Pippa’s Transformation In Numbers

Pippa started her journey at a weight of 64kgs, just 2 short weeks later she was down to 55kg! 9kg gone in under 90 days, an incredible achievement.

Fitness Coaching That Transforms Your Confidence

“Joe’s coaching has changed my life,” said Pippa, “and best part is that none of it was difficult. 

I still eat the things I like, and drink alcohol, but I’m more clued up and choosier about my nutrition. 

I still exercise 4-5 times a week with Joe’s videos because it’s just so quick and easy!

“My transformation has led to some important conversations with my girls,” she said. 

“They see that I enjoy exercise, that I’m strong and happy’’. 

‘’They notice that I can go running with their Dad now’’. 

‘’I’m so pleased that I’m setting a confident example for them’’.

“I’ve done what I set out to do – and that is such a satisfying feeling. 

‘’You have to be in the right mindset, but if you really want to do it, Joe will do the rest’’. 

‘’He made it easier than I ever imagined!”

If you’re ready to achieve your own transformation, get in touch to talk about my private personal training plans.

Yours in health,

Coach Joseph Webb.

‘The number one rated Personal Trainer In Henley and Oxfordshire’


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