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Morag Before And After Training - Coach Joseph Webb


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Have You Ever Tried To Lose Weight Or Get Fit Without The Support Of Your Partner?

Difficult, isn’t it? Your partner’s encouragement can make or break an important project.

So imagine embarking on a body transformation, not just with your partner’s support, but with them doing it too!

That’s exactly what happened when Morag and Michael Broom started 12 weeks of customised training and nutrition with me.

Like lots of couples, Morag and Michael tried their best with food and fitness.

But real life – including a 7-year-old, and twins – made it difficult.

They Were No Strangers To Fitness

Morag had played golf to a high level, and Michael regularly rowed on the river near their home in Henley-on-Thames.

Despite this, neither of them was happy with their weight or fitness levels.

Larger portion sizes (and too many takeaways) had crept onto the menu, and exercise often got pushed to the bottom of the list.

Then Michael had three rounds of brain surgery in 18 months, and was unable to exercise at all during his recovery.

Late in 2018, Michael was well enough to embark on an exercise programme.

Morag had been feeling unhappy with her size and weight.

The time was right to enlist the help of a fitness professional to get the couple fighting fit.

Personal Training With 24/7 Support

“I had been working out at the gym,” explains Morag,

“but wasn’t really getting results.

I was a size 14-16, felt uncomfortable, and my clothes weren’t fitting well.

When Michael was well enough to exercise again, we started looking for someone who could really educate and guide us through a lifestyle change.”

“I learned to row at school, and had rowed regularly with the club in Henley,” says Michael.

“That stopped during my extended period of surgeries and recovery.

Not Exercising Felt Very Alien

I’d ballooned up to 84kgs, from my normal weight of 75kgs.

And I hadn’t exercised properly since 2014.

Once I was given the all-clear, I wanted to get it right.”

With three kids – including a set of 5-year-old twins –

Morag and Michael couldn’t embark on an unrealistic programme of lengthy gym visits and strict diets.

“One of the school Mums had been working with Joe,” says Morag,

“and she was looking great.

I asked if he would work with us as a couple.

Joe came to the house to train us, and helped us overhaul our family diet so we could eat together without restriction.”

The Sum Is Greater Than The Parts

My coaching had to fit around their family life.

I designed a training programme which could be done at home, with sessions lasting 30 minutes.

“Joe’s approach to training was perfect for us,” says Morag.

“You can tell he has young children of his own!

He really understands that training needs to be short, effective, and ideally done at home.

We just don’t have time to spend hours exercising.”

Michael Was Astonished By How Quickly He Saw Results

“Once we started to put the work in, the changes happened really quickly,” he says.

“Within 4 weeks we were losing a steady 1kg a week.

I didn’t think we’d get such great results from such short exercise sessions.

The key was sticking with it, and being consistent.”

Together They Achieved More

“We had the same goals, and we could support and motivate each other,” says Michael.

“We did the same sessions with Joe, and then our own cardio and resistance training.”

Of course, I didn’t just help them with exercise.

I also helped them get their diet back on track, educating them about calorie intake, portion size, and food choices.

A Diet With Doughnuts

No foods were off the menu (Michael was still eating doughnuts!) But I showed them how to eat a flexible diet, with plenty of variety, and lose weight every week.

“Joe showed us how quick and easy it is to make healthy meals,” says Morag.

“We stopped relying on ready meals and takeaways, and became aware of our bad habits (like picking at the kids’ leftovers).”

My body transformation clients have access to a range of resources and apps, including my recipe database and a food tracker.

This means I can see what they are eating, and together we can change the habits which have led to weight gain over the years.

“Tracking our food intake was a real eye-opener,” says Morag.

“Nothing was banned, but we got more mindful about what we were choosing to eat. Just that one thing made a huge difference to our weight!”

Support From Your Partner – And Your Trainer

Morag and Michael found they were naturally encouraging each other during the process.

“It became a good-natured competitive thing,” says Michael.

“We were both making more effort to exercise, even when we felt tired and would normally have opted for the sofa.

At one point, I was getting dangerously close to Morag’s bodyweight.

That pushed her on to work a bit harder!

“Joe showed us you don’t need long or hardcore training sessions.

20 minutes really can be enough.

My rowing machine had been gathering dust for two years!

We now make time to exercise, and give each other the space to get it done.

Consistency and regular activity are the most important thing.”

Michael does have one bone to pick with me – they’ve had to refresh their entire wardrobes.

“The only thing I haven’t had to replace is my socks,” he says, “because nothing else fits!”

Does Your Personal Trainer Support You After The Diet?

How many times have you lost weight, only to put it back on after the diet ended?

Keeping weight off means sticking to the new habits you’ve learned.

That’s why I give my clients extra support after they have reached their goal.

“We officially finished our 12-week transformation in January,’ says Morag.

“But Joe is still there with us, helping us through the reverse diet process so we can maintain our new lower weight.”

“Joe doesn’t just leave you,” says Michael.

“He guides you back to more regular eating so you can get back to non-diet life but not put the weight back on.

We didn’t have to give anything up.

Life’s too short! In fact, I was still eating jam doughnuts during the 12-week transformation!”

Jam Doughnuts, Christmas, Holiday – Still Losing Weight

Christmas fell during the couple’s 12-week transformation. And that’s not all – they also went on a 10-day holiday.

But guess what – they lost weight every week (and the holiday was all-inclusive!)

I helped them decide on strategies before they went away, so they could lose weight, feel in control, and enjoy the holiday.

Before & After – The Results

When they started working with me, Morag wanted to get down from a size 14-16 to a size 12.

Her weight goal was 70kgs.

Michael’s bodyweight target was 75kgs.

They Both Far Exceeded Their Goals

Morag is now a size 10 and 65kgs.

Michael is lighter than he was on his wedding day – 68.9kgs.

Morag’s Stats

Start weight 84kgs

After 4 weeks 76kgs (8kgs lost!)

End weight 65.7kgs (18.3kgs lost – that’s 40lbs!)

Waist inches lost – 6.5

Bodyfat % lost –  17.1% (which equates to 35.9lbs of fat!) Morag is now a lean and healthy 17.1% body fat

Michael’s Stats

Start weight 84kgs

After 4 weeks 79.3kgs

End weight 68.9kgs (15.1kgs lost – that’s 33lbs!)

Waist inches lost – 7.7

Bodyfat % lost –  15.1% (which equates to 36.2lbs of fat!) Michael is now a lean 10% body fat.

Between them, the couple lost an astonishing 33.4 kgs (73.4 lbs!) working with me for 12 weeks!

And remember – our training sessions lasted 30 minutes, and they didn’t have to go to a gym once!

How Does It Feel To Lose 33.4kgs As A Couple?

My body transformation coaching is not a short term fad or a crash diet.

I teach you how to lose weight and keep it off – in a way that’s right for you.

That’s why Morag and Michael can continue with their new habits, regular exercise, and healthy cooking skills.

“I feel happier and more confident,” says Morag.

“I’m in clothes I never dreamed I could have worn.

And my mindset has completely changed.

Joe showed me how it can be done without restriction or unrealistic levels of exercise.”

“The most significant thing for me was that I could get through a 12 week exercise programme,” says Michael.

“ When I was recovering from my brain surgeries, I didn’t think I’d be able to do anything like this. It’s a huge confidence boost.”

Inspiring A Surprising Member Of The Family

Like any parents, Michael and Morag were keen to lose weight and exercise in a healthy way.

After all, they have three sets of young eyes on them.

But they didn’t realise an older set of eyes was watching, too….

Michael’s 72-year-old father.

He was so inspired by the couple’s progress that he contacted me himself.

And he’s about to start his own 12-week transformation journey with me!

Perhaps I’ll tell you his story one day.

Do you and your partner want to lose weight together?

Get in touch – let’s get you started on your own 12-week transformation.

Coach Joseph Webb.

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