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Can You Imagine Losing More Than 30% Of Your Body Weight?

That’s exactly what happened to our superstar client Naomi, who reached out after trying to lose weight countless times.

With her daughter’s wedding a few months away, Naomi was determined to tackle her weight and fitness.

This Is What Happened

“I had been hovering around the 100kg mark for the past few years,” said Naomi.

“My life is incredibly busy with commuting into the City for work, often being out of the house for 16 hours.

But the problem was that my weight was climbing. In a four year period, I piled on nearly 20kgs.

188.5 kg Was My Heaviest Weight

Life was getting difficult. I had constant knee and ankle pain. Even walking downstairs was awkward.

I felt far older than my real age of 53. And I was scared for my long-term health.

My Daughters Wedding Was Approaching Fast, I HAD To Do Something

“When my daughter announced her wedding date, I had to confront how unhappy I was at this size”

I didn’t want to be the fatty in the photos – after all, those pictures will be around for a long time!

There was a dress I wanted to wear on her wedding day. And – more than that – I needed to feel like myself again.

My mother had died of a stroke, and I couldn’t keep putting myself at risk. Something had to change.”

Searching For A New Way Of Life

Naomi had tried to lose weight and keep it off before.

She lost some weight with a Personal Trainer, but life took over and she wasn’t able to get back into it.

Our approach is different. You never need to “get back into” anything once you’ve learned with us.

We teach you how to enjoy exercise and love healthier food choices.

And we help you overhaul everyday habits, so your new way of life is the norm – not something you can lose hold of.

Naomi Wanted To Lose Weight, But This Time Keep It Off

“I had been dieting by myself, but it never worked for long,” Naomi explains.

“I work very long hours, travel a lot, and to top it all off we were building a house which took up every spare minute.

But none of that is an excuse. I knew I had to do this for myself and for my health.”

Naomi got in touch, and I arranged our usual free face-to-face consultation.

Giving You The Confidence You Need To Get Started

“Once I spoke to Joe, I felt at ease,” she says, “He is so likeable, and made me feel I could do this.

I felt he understood my challenges.

He even gave me a short exercise session to see what I could and couldn’t do. And I enjoyed it!

It felt nice to be outdoors exercising. I wasn’t at all intimidated.

I knew I couldn’t run away from this any more. And Joe was the person to help me.”

Naomi had finally found the right person to help her lose some weight, feel more confident, and get back to the energetic, outgoing person she had been before her weight gain.

12 Weeks To Change Everything

She started on a 12-week transformation programme with us, including nutrition support and twice-weekly PT sessions at her home.

“I had no idea what to expect, but I didn’t think it would be so simple” says Naomi, “Joe’s workouts can all be done at home, with plenty of bodyweight exercises.

All I had to buy was one pair of dumbbells, it’s amazing how much you can do with them!”

We even got Naomi running (once her body was ready) and doing push-ups

two things she was convinced she could never do! Soon enough, she started feeling stronger and healthier.

18kgs Lost In 12 Weeks – Without Feeling Hungry

Of course, exercise was just one side of the coin.

Naomi also needed to take charge of her nutrition.

I helped her reconsider portion sizes, showed her some lighter recipes and taught her how to make better choices when eating out.

Naomi Discovered A Less Restrictive Way Of “Dieting”

“When Joe gave me my weight-loss calorie goal, I surprised by how much more I could eat,” she says.

“I never felt hungry or deprived, and really enjoyed all the food I was eating.

and I didn’t feel I was missing out – I could even have a glass of wine sometimes and still stick to my plan.”

We helped Naomi by suggesting healthier food swaps, keeping an eye on her food diary, and even taking her on a food shopping trip to get her started.

“It was really helpful to hear what Joe recommends as alternatives,” she says.

“There were lots of things I had never considered before.”

Nutrition, Exercise And Healthy Habits

But there was one more thing we offered Naomi – something she had never found with any other diet or gym.


“In theory, I could have done all of this without a coach, but I never did,” she says. “What really made the difference was having someone in my corner.

Joe was always there to back me up, give me a boost, tell me what a good week I’d had.”

Ready For The Results Of Naomi’s Consistent Work?

12 Weeks – Results In Numbers

Start weight – 118.5kgs

End weight (after 12 weeks) – 100kgs

Total weight lost – 18.5kgs

Inches lost off waist: 7 Inches

Body fat % lost: 11.1 %

Naomi Hit Every Target She Set

Naomi lost 18.5kgs – that’s 42 lbs – in 12 weeks with us. She finished that 12-week programme just one week before her daughter’s wedding.

“I’d bought a dress which was a bit too small,” she says,

“and I fit into it comfortably for the wedding.

I hadn’t worn a skirt or a dress in years, so it felt incredible to be in a beautiful dress for my daughter’s wedding.”

But that wasn’t the only thing Naomi was able to wear for the occasion.

Her late mother had left her two rings, neither of which had fitted. Naomi was desperate to wear her mother’s rings on her daughter’s wedding day.

After losing 18kgs, the rings fitted perfectly.

Another 12 Weeks – Another 12kgs Lost

Naomi enjoyed her first 12 weeks with us so much that she signed up to another 12 weeks straight away.

She was feeling lighter, healthier, and much happier – but she had a new set of targets in her sight.

“The basic principles of Joe’s programme for me stayed the same,” she explains,

“but by now I was so much lighter and fitter, so we could introduce new forms of exercise.

Joe took me out cycling, and I fell in love with it.

I’ve been bitten by the cycling bug, and I’m training for the Ride London 46 mile event in August!”

“Losing weight and getting fit has given me my life back,” she says

“I can see now how much I was missing out on – but these days, I can join in!

I’ve surpassed my weight loss goal and am very happy where I am – sustaining this weight and getting stronger and fitter, doing lots of things I never thought I would do.”

Getting Healthy Means She Can Say “Yes” To Life

Naomi is still training with us occasionally, but she has all the tools and knowledge she needs to stay at a healthy weight for life. She training for a bike event, starting a rowing course, and taken up horse riding.

The experience of training with us has altered Naomi’s daily habits, so she can effortlessly maintain her weight loss.

This is a healthy lifestyle, not a diet.

“Since working with Joe, I naturally eat better and make healthier choices,” she says.

“I don’t want to eat how I did before.

We still eat out a lot, but I now go for better options.

None of this feels like a struggle or even a conscious effort.

Nothing is off-limits, it’s just about being sensible with my choices.”

We are still working with Naomi as this post goes out and we recently hit a huge milestone of 6 stone lost!!

Check out Naomi’s Total Transformation – So Far

Total weeks of training with us – 57

Start weight – 118.5kgs

End weight (after 57 weeks) – 80.4 Kg

Total weight lost – 38.1 Kg

Inches lost off waist – 12 Inches

Total inches off whole body: 37 Inches

Body fat % lost – 27.8%

Are You Ready To Get Back To Being “You”?

“This has been a life-changing experience,” says Naomi.

“I got much further with the weight loss than I ever imagined I would. And my entire mindset has changed – I now think about what I can do, not what I can’t do.

I’m more adventurous and confident.

That heavy person just wasn’t me.

I’m back to being myself again – happy, outgoing, fun, and active.”

Ready to see what you can achieve in 12 weeks? Get in touch today.

Coach Joseph Webb.

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