Gosia shed’s 10 kg for her dream wedding

Gosia Before After Testimonial - Coach Joseph Webb

Gosia Transformation Progress

Gosia has never been big. But like so many women, she wasn’t happy with her body. Although she always hovered around a size 8-10, Gosia felt uncomfortable about the changes in her shape and body fat after having a baby.

That baby is now 8 years old. And Gosia was about to get married. She wanted to make a change… she just didn’t know how.

You Don’t Have To Be “Big” To Want To Lose Weight

“I’ve never been overweight, and my BMI was healthy, but I just didn’t feel good about my body. I’ve tried everything to lose body fat and get leaner, but nothing worked. I must have been missing a crucial bit of the puzzle. But what was it? I had no idea.

“With my wedding a few months away, I knew I wanted to lose some weight and feel slim and happy with myself. I had no idea what to try. And then I met someone who had worked with Joe….”

Gosia happened to meet one of my former clients (Morag Broom – you can read her incredible transformation story here) at her daughter’s school.

<p“When I saw how Morag had transformed her body with Joe’s help, I knew he was the best person in this area! But I still wasn’t sure he could help me – I have a few injuries!”

<pThankfully, Gosia got in touch with me… because injuries and illness will never be a barrier.

Injured? You Can Still Lose Weight & Shape Up

I visited Gosia at her home in Peppard Common to talk about her goals. It didn’t take long to figure out why her previous fat loss attempts hadn’t worked. But first, I wanted to hear what Gosia wanted to achieve.

“I was a small dress size, so did I really have that much weight to lose?

Or should I just be happy to be a size 8-10 (after all, I did have a child!) I was worried about exercising with an old shoulder injury and separated abs from my pregnancy.

And – to be honest – I wasn’t sure how Joe’s approach could be much different from the Personal Trainers I had worked with at the gym.”

We did Gosia’s measurements so we had a start point for her transformation.

Nobody likes doing these, but they are always glad they did at the end of the 12 weeks!

After all, you can’t have a “before and after” comparison without the starting measurements.

“My bodyfat came out at 31.8% and I was shocked,” said Gosia. “That’s higher than my own Mum’s bodyfat and she is 60! I’m 35, I couldn’t believe I was over 30% body fat.

I almost cried. But Joe was so kind and friendly, he put me at ease and also made me feel that we could make fast progress.

“With my wedding a few months away, I knew it was a good time to start. And so my 12-week transformation with Joe began.”

She Knew She Had To Get Started – And She Was Ready

“Joe was so optimistic and sure of my success,” said Gosia. “It gave me confidence and made me feel excited to get started on a truly personalised plan with an end goal.

“I had been concerned about exercising with my injuries, but Joe explained that not only could he make a workout plan for me but that it would help with those problems too.

At last, an exercise plan that didn’t just work around my issues but actively improved them.”

12 Weeks Of At-Home Coaching & Personalised Plans

Gosia started with JWT at the end of February 2019.

“I couldn’t wait to get started – he had given me so much confidence!” she said. “My body started changing very quickly, and after just 20 days of so the changes were really obvious.”

I helped Gosia with a totally personalised nutrition plan, personal training sessions at her home, and lots of education and support along the way.

“The nutrition plan surprised me,” said Gosia.

“It wasn’t difficult at all and it wasn’t a restrictive diet. I had already been eating healthy, but Joe taught me about the importance of protein ad fibre, and he helped me get my portion sizes under control.

“I learned a lot from Joe about nutrition and diet. I finally realised why I hadn’t been losing weight.”

Gosia’s 4-week measurements and results spurred her on for the rest of her 12-week plan.

“I was blown away by the changes in the first 4 weeks, and could start to imagine the end result,” she said.

“Unlike other Personal Training I’ve done, this had an end goal – it was always a 12-week plan. I knew if I stuck with it for 12 weeks, my body would look very different.”

Prior to this, Gosia had worked with other Personal Trainers, worked out at the gym, and done exercise classes but never had a clear-cut goal or timeline.

“Training with Joe is different. It is focused, specific, and very clear.

Joe always told me what to expect along the way.

I knew that I would be fitter, slimmer, healthier, and happier if I stuck with it for the 12 weeks. It was never difficult.”

Did She Lose 10kgs In 12 Weeks?

Right from the very beginning, I had told Gosia that I thought she could lose at least 10kgs of body fat in her 12-week journey. She was a size 8-10 and barely 60kgs, but I always know when a person can lose a healthy amount of weight by shedding excess body fat. I was confident that Gosia could quite easily lose 10kgs of fat in 12 weeks.

“Towards the end of my 12 weeks with Joe, I went for a wedding dress fitting,” said Gosia. “I had ordered the dress a year earlier.

Well, it was now far too big and the seamstress was quite cross with me – she had to take it in by two sizes!

“That day at the dress fitting brought it all home – what I had achieved, the changes I had made, and what I had done.

Joe gave me the information and coaching support, but it was me who had stuck to it every day and made the decision to continue. I was very proud of myself.”

From A Size 10 To A Size 6

“I know going from a size 10 to a size 6 isn’t a spectacular weight loss transformation,” said Gosia, “but the biggest change was in how I felt. I just felt so much happier and more confident in my own skin.

“One of the most memorable moments was going to get my evening dress for my wedding,” she said.

“These were sexy, figure-hugging prom style dresses, and the shop was full of teenage girls and women in their 20s.

I was the oldest there by a long way! But guess what, I was the only one trying on USA size 0. That felt amazing!

I was able to choose a stunning dress which showed off my back – it was like a dream.”

Gosia’s 12 Week Results

n 12 weeks, Gosia reached her goal of losing more than 10kg body fat.

importantly I have maintained the weight loss and my new shape and size,” said Gosia.

“I will remember what Joe taught me for the rest of my life – I learned so much about exercising, protein, fibre, calories, portion sizes, and about my own behaviour and motivations.

My whole life has changed and I am very grateful.

Every penny and every minute, it has given me a new body but more importantly it’s given me such incredible self-esteem.

I can wear the clothes I always wanted to wear. I feel better than ever – it’s a new me, at the age of 35 with an 8-year-old child!

“Joe is amazing and I would recommend his coaching to anyone, no matter what size you are or what injuries you may have.

I transformed my body more than I ever thought possible.”

Coach Joseph Webb.

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