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Coach Joseph Webb working with a client on thier values and beliefs.

Identify Your Values & Beliefs For A Life Transformation.

Do you know your personal values?

Could you identify the beliefs that have been guiding your life?

Knowing your values and beliefs is crucial to the transformation process.

If this is all new to you, start here – you’ll be amazed at what you’re about to discover.

What You’ll Need:

– Paper and pen

– A quiet space

– 20-30 minutes

What Are Your Values?

Personal values are the things we consider most important in life. Whether we know it or not, they direct the course of our life. And when we make choices that are in conflict with our values, it leaves us feeling misaligned.

There are no right and wrong values to have. Everyone is different. The important thing is that you know yours. This will help you make the changes necessary to have a successful transformation.

How To Identify Your Core Values

Download My Values And Beliefs Workbook for a list of values.

Write down any that resonate.

Take your time.

Some will jump out immediately, others will be less obvious.

Narrow this down to 10.

From this list of 10, select 4 that are absolutely integral to you.

You might find some are very similar (for example adventure and freedom, or compassion and empathy).

Now put these 4 in order of importance.

Don’t worry, it’s not a test and you can’t get it wrong.

Simply doing this work will have incredible power.

Next to each value, write down why it is important to you.

Again, you can’t get this wrong.

The point of doing this is so you can come back to your “why” and stay rooted to your values.

Keep hold of this sheet of paper, it will be important as you move forward in your transformation.

The Importance Of Beliefs

Take a break if you need to, then move on to the work around your beliefs.

Beliefs and values are different, but tend to be enmeshed.

Your beliefs are the way you see the world, and the things you believe to be true (even though they may not be factually true at all).

They tend to be stuff we have learned or been told in childhood.

The problem is that not everything we learned or were told in childhood was positive or useful!

That’s why people have positive and negative beliefs.

It will be useful to identify and work on your negative beliefs, as these are self-limiting and likely to stand in the way of transformation.

What Are Your Positive And Negative Beliefs?

Divide a big bit of paper into two columns.

Next, brainstorm your positive and negative beliefs.

This may take a bit of time, so be patient with yourself.

Positive beliefs are empowering, encouraging, and tend to push you forward in life.

Negative beliefs are self-limiting and keep you static and small.

Next select 2-3 positive beliefs that you are particularly proud of, and add some tangible evidence so you know this is true.

Finally, take 2-3 of the negative beliefs and write down the following for each one:

– What is this negative belief costing you/how is it holding you back?

– How do you know this belief is actually true?

– How would life be different if you let go of this belief/what could change?

Replacing Negative Beliefs With Positive Ones

We’re nearly there.

Be kind to yourself when doing this work – it can bring up some difficult stuff.

The most important stage of digging into your beliefs is replacing negative beliefs with more positive ones.

For each of your key negative beliefs, write down a positive spin (i.e. instead of “I’ve never been sporty and I can’t get fit”, try “I have the time and resources to get fit and can do it on my own terms”)

Add evidence that this new positive spin can be true (i.e. “I could get fit any way I wanted to because I’m an adult now”) and finally add an action point you could take (“I will contact a local Personal Trainer and meet with them”.)

Moving Forward With Your New Knowledge

Write down your new beliefs as if they are facts.

I am (your new positive belief) and I know this (your evidence of the new belief) and I am going to (your action point).

Amazing work, well done!

You now have some strong and empowering knowledge about yourself which will guide your direction in life and make you much more successful in any change you choose to make.

If you’d like to go deeper with this, and translate the results into transforming your body, health, and fitness, drop me a line.

Coach Joseph Webb.

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