How to find the perfect balance in life

If achieving balance in life feels like an impossible dream, maybe you need my tried-and-tested method for building balance from habits.

Is it ever possible to achieve balance in life, so you’re giving time and energy to every important area whilst reserving enough for yourself?

Most adults would answer with a resounding “no”, and I understand where that response comes from. We all have so many pressures competing for our time and energy, and we usually put ourselves at the bottom of the list.

But achieving balance in life is important not just for our physical and mental wellbeing. It’s also a great exercise in leading by example.

Build a lifestyle you love with the Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is fantastic visual tool that helps you assess areas of life that are misaligned or out of balance. By assigning a number 1-10 to these areas of life, you can join the dots to see what shape your wheel is. If you have a “wobbly wheel”, it’s time to implement small habits to even things out.

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Start with fundamental habits

Without knowing what your Wheel of Life looks like, I can’t give you personalised guidance on the habits that will help you balance things out.

But I can tell you how the conversation goes with 99.9% of my clients. The number 1 goal and habit I ask them to work on is sleep.

Without good, constant sleep habits, it’s impossible to give sufficient time and energy to your health, career, relationships, social life and family. In fact, poor sleep habits often lead people to over-commit to some areas which leaves them even more depleted – and the wheel gets wobblier.

How sleep leads to a more balanced life

How’s your sleep? If you regularly struggle to get to sleep, if you stay up later than you should, or if you wake up feeling exhausted, it’s worth focusing on this one habit before you look at other areas of life.

It’s virtually impossible to eat well and get enough exercise if you are stressed, tired, and not looking after yourself. Here’s how all those Wheel of Life sections rely on good sleep:

Physical environment – sleep and your environment have a big impact on each other. A calm and pleasant environment will support stress management, and good sleep will help you have the focus and energy to keep your environment nice.

Career – it’s very difficult to be focused, creative and productive at work without consistent good sleep, and this is key whether you’re self-employed, an employee, a CEO or an entrepreneur

Money – sleep has an impact on your ability to earn, manage, and save money. It affects your judgement, impulse control, energy and positivity.

Health – sleep has a direct impact on your short and long term health outcomes, and can help or hinder your daily healthy habits like exercise, healthy eating and other choices.

Friends & family – when you sleep well, you are more likely to nurture and give time to important relationships which in turn support your emotional wellbeing and success in life.

Significant other/romance – sleep has a huge impact on your key romantic relationship, from your health and mood to your sexual energy to how you show up as a partner.

Personal growth – when you sleep well, you are more likely to have drive and energy for important personal growth, and then see it through by applying yourself to learning and study.

Fun & recreation – it’s very difficult to have a full and healthy social life if you are tired. Sleep gives you energy to pursue the things that bring joy to your life, and allows you to enjoy them fully.

5 ways to get better sleep

1. Go to bed earlier – sounds obvious, but so few of us do it. Even 20 minutes earlier will really make a huge difference

2. Have a regular bed time – work backwards from your wake up time so you give yourself the chance to get 8 hours sleep

3. Sleep environment – keep your room dark, cool and quiet, this might mean using blackout blinds, a tower fan, or eye mask and ear plugs

4. Avoid caffeine – stop drinking caffeine at least 7 hours before bedtime (ideally a lot more than that)

5. No phones – keep your phone out of the bedroom, or if you need it for the alarm put it out of arm’s reach so you don’t scroll in bed

If you want to get your life in balance and need external help, drop me a line to talk about my VIP coaching services. I have space for in-person and online clients.

Coach Joseph Webb.

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