5 Reasons you need HIIT in your life

How To Get Better Results By Doing Less

HIIT – high-intensity interval training – is the answer to every busy person’s prayers.

It gets you fitter, healthier, lighter, leaner, and stronger WITHOUT demanding hours of your time. And the best thing is, you CAN do it.

Getting fit no longer means hours in the gym to burn calories.

Times have changed. Work harder, but for less time… the result? Calories blasted, metabolism boosted, happy hormones flowing… time saved!

Here’s why we recommend HIIT type training to every client who comes through our doors.

Burn More Calories Even AFTER The Session

High-Intensity Interval Training burns a lot of calories during the session.

But the really incredible thing is what happens afterwards.

Can you imagine a workout where your body keeps cranking through the calories once you’ve showered, changed, and sat down? That’s exactly what HIIT does.

Because HIIT is so intense, it takes longer for your body to recover back to its resting state.

In fact, it can take 24-48 hours for all your body’s systems to get back to equilibrium. Every minute that’s happening, you’re burning extra calories.

So, that 20-30 minute HIIT session actually becomes a 24+ hour period of elevated calorie burn! 

Burn Fat, Keep Muscle

It’s important that you actually lose the right kind of weight.

This means focusing on body composition – losing weight from body fat, but protecting weight from important lean muscle mass.

HIIT helps you burn more calories from fat, AND boosts muscle-saving hormones at the same time.

The intensity of a HIIT session causes a series of metabolic adaptations in your body, using more fat for fuel than during longer, slower cardio.

And HIIT incorporates bodyweight movements (or sometimes work with a barbell or kettlebells). What other kind of “cardio” is also strength training for your muscles?

Preserve your muscle tissue while you lose weight by using HIIT.

Save A Ton Of Time

You really want to get fitter and lose the excess weight – but you genuinely don’t have a lot of time to spare.

That’s why you’re here. HIIT is amazing for busy people like you.

If you can find 3 x 30 minute blocks in your week, you can get the incredible benefits of HIIT.

It doesn’t matter if those time slots are morning, evening, or during the day.

Just 30 minutes 3 times per week will help you lose weight (or keep it off), get stronger, increase your lean mass, boost your metabolism, and lose body fat.

Compare this to 45-60 minutes on the cross-trainer at the gym, plus 30-60 minutes lifting weights.

You’re saving 2-3 HOURS a week….and actually getting better results. It’s like the Buy One, Get One Free of workouts!

Boost Healthy Hormones

HIIT encourages your body to produce important healthy hormones which will help you get lean, sleep better, and even look younger.

HIIT is far better than regular endurance cardio at boosting HGH (human growth hormone), endorphins, seratonin, dopamine, and testosterone.

And EVERYONE needs more of those – men, women, young, and old.

They are key to a strong, fit, lean body which will look younger!

The Health Benefits You Can’t See

HIIT will leave you sweating, and you’ll soon see visible changes in your body shape and size. But what about the stuff you can’t see?

High Intensity Interval Training is amazing for your heart, your metabolism, and your long-term health.

Intense exercise like HIIT has a direct effect on the genes involves metabolising fat, and on lipolytic enzymes.

HIIT works all your muscles, especially your heart. This is great news for us as a nation – sadly heart disease is the leading threat to us all. HIIT keeps your heart stronger, healthier, and more efficient.

And HIIT is better than steady cardio at managing other health risks, too – like type 2 diabetes.

Your body needs more oxygen during HIIT than it does during slower, longer cardio like jogging.

That leads to an “afterburn” effect, so HIIT keeps you burning more calories for longer.

All the processes involved in your metabolism are boosted, so your resting metabolic rate runs at a higher level.

The result? Your burn more calories 24/7, and should have an easier time managing your weight.

At last – a form of exercise which gives you everything you need but in a fraction of the time. Want to give it a try? get in touch today.

Coach Joseph Webb.

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