Does HIIT get you fit?

Hands up if you have tons of spare time to spend doing cardio workouts at the gym.

No? Well, who does! “Lack of time” is probably the #1 barrier to getting fit.

But there’s a solution.

Have You Heard About HIIT?

HIIT stands for “high intensity interval training”. Interval training any form of exercise where you put in a short bout of effort, and follow it up with a short period of recovery.

Think sprinting then jogging, rather than going for a long steady paced run.

But HIIT is different to normal interval training.

The clue is in the “HI” part of the name – high intensity.

The intervals in HIIT training are very intense – as tough as you can make them. And that’s why it gets you fit, fast.

How Does HIIT Training Work?

Regular cardio workouts, like using the machines at the gym, aren’t much of a challenge.

They’re just boring. In fact, the biggest challenge of a steady cardio workout is that it takes up so much of your valuable time!

HIIT Switches Things Up

It demands much less of your time, but much more of your effort.

The bursts of work need to be 100% all-out.

You should feel like you can’t possibly do another second of the exercise!

But the intervals are really short.

And each one is followed by a rest (this is when you realise that you can actually carry on!) And that’s where the magic happens.

Win / Win!

You see, the rest periods are long enough that you can get your breath back, and feel capable of giving your all to the next interval.

But as far as your body is concerned, the workout hasn’t stopped.

Your heart rate stays raised, and you’ll still be burning calories.

This is known as the “afterburn effect” and it’s why HIIT actually burns more calories and more fat than long cardio sessions – and in a shorter amount of time.

This interval approach is MUCH more effective than just plodding away at one speed for ages.

Can Everyone Do HIIT Training?

Yes – and this is why we love using HIIT in our classes.

You might think that the intensity of HIIT means it’s only suitable for athletes or super-fit people.

But this is NOT true.

In fact, you use your own body weight and fitness level to set your effort.

If you’re heavier, or less fit, than someone else, it will actually be easier for you to work at an intense effort.

You won’t need to go as fast or as hard as somebody who is already very fit.

But if you are super-fit, you’ll be able to work harder.

Either way, you work to your own level and let your body dictate the pace.

This Is Why Busy People Love HIIT

Our clients LOVE doing HIIT workouts to burn fat, blast calories, and get seriously fit.

And that’s because they are all busy people with no time to waste on boring cardio workouts.

Like you, these people are Mums and Dads, busy executives, business owners, and people with tons of work commitments.

If a workout isn’t fast and effective, they simply can’t find the time.

HIIT To The Rescue

Just 2-3 HIIT workouts a week (20-30 minutes each, including warm-up) is PLENTY. That’s about an hour of total exercise time to get fitter, lose weight, and shape up.

HIIT increases your metabolism throughout the week, making it easier for you to manage your weight.

It’s fast, effective, and convenient (you don’t need any specialist equipment).

HIIT is never boring! There are loads of ways to do it, with or without a fitness kit.

It’s a tough challenge that makes you feel great.

HIIT is exhilarating, energising, and great for your mood.

Now, what other forms of exercise does all that?

Coach Joseph Webb.

P.s. If you’re looking for some HIIT workout inspiration, subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

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