Amanda shed 17 lbs and lead by example

Coach Joseph Webb helped Amanda lose 17 lbs of fat
‘Oxford Nurse Amanda (Pictured above) Wasn’t Confident Telling People To Lose Weight Until She Shed 17 Pounds Of Fat To Lead By Example’

Every time Nurse Amanda gave weight loss advice to patients at the busy Oxford hospital where she worked, she felt uncomfortable.

”It wasn’t just because my uniform was getting too tight! It was because I had put on so much weight myself that I felt like a hypocrite,” she explains.

A Slim Past

Amanda had always been slim and active, a regular runner with a slender size 8 figure.

But life crept up on her – as it tends to do – and at 37 years old she found herself juggling a nursing career, studying for a Masters degree, and being Mum to a teenage daughter.

She knew her exercise habit had slipped, but she didn’t realise how much it had affected her health.

Silent Weight Gain

“I gained a lot of weight without realising it,” she says. “I had a lot on my plate – shift work, a Masters degree and home life”.

”I would leave home at 6am and often not get back until 8pm (thank you, Oxford traffic!) I had other stuff to be worried about, and I guess I just forget about myself.”

Before long, her size 8 body was a size 12-14. She felt unhealthy and unhappy. And it was having a serious effect on her self-confidence.

Taking A Long Hard Look At Myself

“I remember looking at myself in the mirror, it felt like seeing a stranger,” she says.

“I lost my self-confidence and even stopped going out with my friends. I know it sounds silly, but I honestly thought people would be talking about how fat I’d got.”

We all know that’s not true. But it’s a horrible way to feel. Perhaps you can recognise that mix of self-doubt and unhappiness?

Would you take action if you found yourself hiding away from people’s judgement of your body? Amanda did.

She Wasn’t Prepared To Let Another Year Go By

“One day, I realised that work, studying, being busy… that was all an excuse,” she says. “I had to make a change, otherwise it would never happen”.

”I am always going to be busy, there’s never a perfect time to get back on track and tackle issues like weight and fitness. So I got in touch with Joe.”

We Come To You

Amanda had met Joe at her home when he gave her and initial consultation to discuss a plan of action.

Coach Joseph Webb was offering a 12-week transformation programme, and she signed up there and then.

“I felt comfortable with Joe straight away,” said Amanda.

“So although I had never had a Personal Trainer or trained in a gym, I knew this would work. I wasn’t prepared to yet let another year go by. I made the decision to get started.”

Amanda’s 12-Week Transformation

1.) Lost 17.2 lbs body fat

2.) Gained 7.2 lbs muscle

3.). Lost 18 inches all over her body

4.) Waist went from 34.5 to 29 inches

5.) Lost 9.6% body fat (from 38.4% to 28.8%)

Most of our clients struggle with food and nutrition when they start their transformation.

But Amanda was confident about healthy eating.

Learning To Love Exercise

She says her transformation – from size 14 back to size 8 – was all down to the Coach Joseph Webb approach to exercise.

For the first time in her life, she did strength training and learned how incredible weight training can be for shaping the female body.

“It was a whole new world,” she said.

“I struggled in the beginning, but Joe was so patient with me. I will always train this way now. I still enjoy going out for a run now and then.”.

”But I’ve seen what weight training and HIIT does for my body. And now I actually miss the workouts if I can’t fit a session in!”

Adapting To New And Improved Lifestyle

In the old days, Amanda would have panicked about putting on weight if she was too busy to exercise.

“I know how to manage it now, fitting in daily activity or short intense sessions, rather than giving up and cutting it out completely,” she says.

“I’ve got exams at the moment, and my body has held up fine without my normal training schedule. But my mind is missing it!”

Losing 17.2 lbs and 3 dress sizes has transformed Amanda’s health, sleep, and self-confidence.

She’s happy to socialise with her friends again, and is confident giving healthy living advice to patients at the hospital. 

“I used to feel like a dumpling,” she laughs, “and now I’m wearing clothes I hadn’t worn for 4 years! That’s an amazing feeling. If I can do it, you can too.”

Life Is Still Busy, But Now I know What To Do To Stay In Shape

Amanda is still busy. She still works shifts as a hospital nurse, and she’s still studying for her Masters (in fact, she’s got exams coming up).

But she now knows how to keep her weight and fitness in check, even during hectic weeks.

She’s learned how to master her mindset and get short bursts of exercise into busy days. And she’s still maintaining her incredible weight loss.

“The fact is, so many people are busy like me,” Amanda said. “Being busy is no excuse for letting your weight, health, or fitness slide. Life is busy, it will always be busy. The decision to take charge and make positive changes is up to you, nobody will do it for you. If not now, when?”

Are you a busy woman juggling work, study, and family life like Amanda?

If you’ve had your own lightbulb moment and know that it’s time to take action, get in touch. Take control of your weight and fitness – the decision is yours.

Yours in health,

Coach Joseph Webb.

‘The number one rated Personal Trainer In Henley and Oxfordshire’


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