Justifiably Jacob’s: HIIT workout

Welcome to another high-intensity workout, in today’s session ‘Justifiably Jacobs’ we will be working through a full-body workout where you will need a kettlebell, some dumbbells, and a swiss ball.

Here’s How The Workout Breaks Down:

45 Seconds of hard work followed by 15 seconds of ‘rest’ (It’s really just transition time between exercises).

The Exercises:

1.) Kettlebell Swings
2.) Swiss Ball Push-Ups
3.) Swiss Ball One Arm Row Left
4.) Swiss Ball One Arm Row Right
5.) 1 Squat Thrust/3 Squat
6.) Swiss Ball Walkouts (I changed this to shoulder taps)
7.) Back Lunge Dumbbell
8.) Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls
9.) Side Lunges
10.) Swiss Ball Supermans
11.) Swiss Ball Oblique Crunch Left
12.) Swiss Ball Oblique Crunch Right

You will do this for 3 rounds at a tempo of 2-1-1.


Make sure you warm up fully before attempting this workout. If you have any injuries or pre-existing conditions please consult your local healthcare professional before attempting the workout.

Have fun and Hit ‘Like’ if you enjoyed it.

Coach Joseph Webb.

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