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Shiro Miyamoto - Personal Training Henley Testimonial -Coach Joseph Webb


Shiro Miyamoto Testimonial - Coach Joseph Webb


Shiro Miyamoto having previously worked for an investment bank in the City, is now a horticulturist/stay-at-home Dad to three children (including young twins).
His father, who was a doctor, passed away at 60, his mother at 65, and in 2019, his eldest brother at just 58.

He Was Determined To Make His Own Future Different

“The early death of my parents, and recent death of my elder sibling had left me with some dark thoughts about my own health,” says Shiro.
“However, I’m not one to leave things to chance”.
I thought “that’s not for me”, and set about taking control of my own situation.”
Shiro was sent to a UK boarding school by himself as a 10 year old boy, and his memories of his father were a man who looked much as he does now.
“I had always been troubled by the health of my parents, and how they died in their prime” he says, “and thought I could be headed down the same genetic path, unless I do something about it.”

Developing Healthier Lifestyle Habits

At 11 stone (70kg) and 5 ft 6 (168cm), Shiro was not typically overweight, however was determined to set a good example especially for his own children.
“I’d previously had good intentions of getting in shape,” he recalls. “In fact, it was my New Year’s resolution in 2019 – inspired by a friend who had gone through a body transformation with a Personal Trainer.
But then, I sprained a ligament in my knee whilst training on Valentine’s day, and was out of action for most of 2019.”

The Missing Pieces Of The Puzzle

Shiro is a smart, analytical man with a love of mathematics. He already had plenty of knowledge about healthy eating and exercise, but admits it felt scattered.
“My knowledge didn’t bind together coherently,” he admits, “and that made it difficult to have a plan of action.
“Meeting Joe was enlightening – he put it all together, and created a plan that would work for me.”

Connecting With A Coach Who Understands You

Shiro actually met me at the school gates (we have children the same age).
We got talking about health and fitness, and Shiro decided to enlist me with his transformation project.
“I was about to turn 50, and thought it was a great opportunity for a meaningful goal,” he says.
“I had a gut feeling Joe was my kind of person”.
What I didn’t realise until later was that I had happened to get talking to one of the top trainers in town! I feel very lucky.”

The Fundamentals Of Healthier Eating

We helped Shiro realise that you do not need to restrict your food intake to get in great shape. You just need to eat the right things!
“My wife and I both love food, but we knew portion sizes were a problem,” he says. “Joe highlighted how much processed food I was eating – and that I was simply eating more than was necessary.”
The fast-paced whirlwind of raising a young family meant that Shiro had lost his love of cooking and was out of touch with the fundamentals of good nutrition.
“I didn’t want to change my eating habits completely overnight,” says Shiro. “I asked Joe to help me find an 80/20 balance of healthy eating, so I could send an appropriate message to my kids.”

Changing How You Look At Things

Like many of us, Shiro is privileged to have easy access to good food.
We helped him reframe his thoughts around nutrition.
Good food isn’t always healthy food, and it is useful to take a step back and enjoy the fundamentals of nutritious cooking.
“Joe helped me realise that it’s worth spending a little more time on cooking and exercise in order to invest in your own health.
He challenged me to rediscover the joy of preparing meals, and not eat for the sake of eating.
I feel so much better cooking healthy meals from scratch.
In fact, I’m actually eating more volume of food than before, but focused on higher quality, more nutrients, slower to digest and absorbed, lowering spikes in blood sugar levels ”

Personal Training At Your Home

During the 12-week coaching process, I came to Shiro’s home to train him once a week, and prepared a custom fitness programme for 3-4 days a week.
I helped him with coaching around calories, food intake, portion sizes, food choices, and healthy cooking.
“Some of this was stuff I knew before, but nobody had talked to me about it the way Joe does,” says Shiro.
“Joe isn’t just a coach, he is a great guy who has become a friend.
We have some interesting chats about the role of food brands and food marketing, about profits vs health, and about how it all impacts our health.
Joe really takes time to understand his clients and communicate in a way that gets you fired up and keen to learn more.”

Finding A Way To Make It Fun

Shiro studied maths at University, and enjoyed working with the daily numbers of his new diet.
“Joe taught me how to get into a calorie deficit, and I found it fun, like a maths puzzle,” he says.
“Hitting my nutrition numbers with healthy food was like a game to me.”
To Shiro’s surprise, he has lost 9kgs of body fat in 12 weeks. He has more energy, wakes earlier, and sleeps better.
More Energy Than Pre-Children
“I feel like a new man,” he says.
“I can’t believe how much energy I have now – at nearly 50, and with three young kids – than I did when I was younger.”
After his initial 12-week coaching period, Shiro will look forward to crunching the numbers on his maintenance diet, as he learns to keep his new leaner body shape.

With You All The Way

“Joe is a great coach, who quickly connected with me on an intelligent level, giving me a great deal of knowledge through his teaching,” says Shiro.
“In 12 weeks, he has put me on the right path for life”.
It is a very thoughtful approach, and I am more aware of what I am putting in my body.”
Shiro is now confident that he can put his family health history behind him. He took control of his own health and has new habits which will stand him in good stead.

My Health Improved Dramatically

“My health is way ahead of the curve,” he says. “I feel really awesome about myself.
I know I will age better, and I will be fitter and healthier for my family.
“There was a promise to myself of a healthier future, and I’ve achieved that with Joe’s help.”
Great work Shiro, I’m so proud of what you’ve achieved!
The pictures speak for themselves,
P.S Would you like to get results like Shiro? take a look at our Private Personal Training service and get in touch today!
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