Heather drops 2 dress sizes in 8 weeks

After A Lifetime Of Activity, Heather Noticed Weight Creeping On. Here’s What She Did To Turn The Clock Back!

Heather Green has never been the kind of woman to sit still.

In her teens and 20s, she played hockey to a pretty serious standard.

She’s a hiker, a golfer, and she’s even tried her hand at fencing.

But in her late 20s, a knee injury meant no more hockey for Heather.

And since then…. life has kind of got in the way.

“After that knee injury, life got in the way of sport as I focused on my career as a research scientist,” said Heather, who is now 51.

“I suppose I always meant to get back into playing hockey, but I don’t know where the years have got too!”

Heather’s job had always kept her on her feet all day in the lab, and she enjoyed hiking and golf.

But she hated to admit it… as 50 approached, the weight was creeping on.

“I really noticed it when I changed jobs four years ago,” said Heather.

“I’d been on my feet in the lab for so long, and then I changed to a sedentary desk job. But I was eating the same as I had been – I’ve always been a snacker!”

Unwanted weight was appearing every year.

Her favourite clothes were getting too small.

Her old knee injury was bothering her more and more.

And then she saw those holiday photos…

“When I got back from a golfing holiday last year, I settled down to have a good look through the photos,” said Heather.

“I knew I’d been putting on weight. I couldn’t wear some of my favourite clothes any  more. But seeing myself in those photos was a shock.”

That moment was the tipping point for Heather, who realised that she could no longer rely on the eating habits of her 20-year old self.

“I was aware of being in a downward spiral,” she said, “and I didn’t want it to get any worse. I was already feeling less confident than usual. I knew that if I started to feel really bad, I’d be less likely to get out and do something about it.”

And she’s right. If you lose confidence in how you look, you lose confidence in your ability to change. The less you do, the less you want to do. Ironically, your energy levels will get lower as you become less active.

Heather knew something had to change. But what?

“I’ve done diets before,” she said.

“All the usual big-name diets you’d expect. They all worked for a bit, but I never kept it off. I din’t want to put weight back on again. I needed to find a log term solution that would work for me in my 50s. My parents are both still very fit. My 81-year old Mum still goes to the gym, and Dad still pays golf at 87. I want to be as fit as them!”

We knew we could help Heather to lose weight, whilst protecting and strengthening her injury-prone knee so she could get fitter, stronger, and more supple.

Starting our training was an experience for Heather. She’d always done a lot of sport, and was at home with cardio training and athletic movements. But this was the first time she’d ever done HIIT-based training!

Heather’s 8-Week Transformation

Heather’s eight weeks with us was just the start of regaining her strength, fitness, and sporty self.

“I started with Joe just before Christmas last year,” explained Heather.

“I learned so much about how to eat, cook, move, and exercise to maintain a slimmer body as I get older. The training sessions were just a small part of it.

“I realised I’d been eating the wrong things, letting portion sizes get out of control, and I had got set in my ways. Joe uses a really simple way of teaching portion control – it’s mind blowing and it really works! It’s about so much more than calories.

“As for the training, I’ve never experienced that kind of workout before, even when I trained with sports teams!’’

‘’This kind of training is so effective, every session is actually achieving something. I’ve cancelled my gym membership now and I only train with Joe’’.

‘’My knee is now better than it’s been for decades. Joe really kept an eye on it, and adapted exercises for me so I could strengthen it. I can do stuff with that knee that I couldn’t before!’’

“Training with Joe has improved my fitness, stamina, strength, and upper body. I can notice the difference in my golf game, and in how I walk and move. I don’t stoop any more, and I know my posture is better. That makes me feel so confident.”

Heather’s has gone from size 16 to size 12 in 8 short weeks!

“I hated having my measurements taken at the start,” said Heather, “but I’m so glad I did it, because by the end I could see just how many inches I’d lost!

She Was About To Give Up On Her Old Wardrobe

“Before meeting Joe, I was about to give up and just wear what I call ‘fat clothes’ forever,” said Heather.

“I’m so glad I didn’t! I can now wear trousers that I haven’t been able to wear for years! And at Christmas I was able to wear lovely dresses with no bulges and bumps. I really have got my confidence back.”

Heather finished her official programme with us just before Christmas, but she’s kept the weight off (in fact, she didn’t put any on, even over Christmas!)

She’s using our online workouts and simply using the habits which we taught her:

how to make good food choices, eat appropriate amounts, and keep an eye on portion sizes.

This isn’t a diet. It’s learning to live a fitter, healthier lifestyle.

“This experience was life-changing!” said Heather.

“I learned habits which have become part of my life, and that’s how I know I’ll keep the weight off this time. It’s not a diet or deprivation. It’s not even hard work! It’s healthy eating, awareness, and learning about your body. It’s a different way of thinking about stuff most of us have been trying to get our head around for decades!

“Training with Joe has even changed my long walks,” she said.

“I am much more mindful about them now, thinking about my posture and engaging my muscles’’.

“At 51, I was worried about finishing the course,” she admitted. “But I’ve done it all – and I loved it! I discovered my own motivation, which is so empowering. I now I can do this now for myself, for life!”

Heather has learned that she is more capable than she thought, and that she can go well beyond her limits.

Are you ready to finally learn how to be strong, fit, and slim in your 50s?

Get in touch today to learn more,

Coach Joseph Webb.

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