New mum Katharine felt better 18 weeks post-baby than she did before pregnancy

When Katharine and her family were invited to a wedding in France, she was pregnant with baby number 2 (and would only be 18 weeks postpartum on the day of the wedding!)

What on earth was she going to wear?!

In the back of her mind, she dreamed of turning up in something fitting and feminine.

She didn’t want to cover up with ‘Mumsy’ long sleeves or a pashmina.

Would it be possible at 18 weeks postpartum?

Katharine decided to stop daydreaming, and start working for it.

Here’s how she transformed her body – without a harsh diet or unfeasible hours of exercise – and ended up looking (and feeling) better than before pregnancy!

Katharine had worked with us before, when she wanted to get in best-ever shape for her wedding.

In fact, her then-fiance joined her, and they both did our exercise classes.

That’s how she knew that our approach to nutrition and exercise really works – no matter how busy life gets.

“I wasn’t overweight,” explains Katharine.

“I’m one of those women who seemed to lose the same 6kgs again and again though my 20s! I’d never been happy with how I looked.”

Like a lot of Mums, Katharine had tried every diet under the sun before she found us.

“You name it, I’d tried it!” she laughs.

“Juicing, the Special K diet, Slimming World, paleo…. but nothing worked for long, and I never actually learned how to make my own decisions.”

The solution is not another “diet”!

As Katharine discovered, the problem with these “diets” is that they only work whilst you’re following strict rules.

They don’t teach you anything about how to design a healthy eating plan around your work, life, or social events. Katharine needed a way of eating better that was actually a sustainable lifestyle.

“When we did Joe’s bootcamps before our wedding, I really fell in love with exercise,” she said.

“I then had two children in quick succession, and the moment came when I knew I wanted to get in shape again.

‘’Joe was my first port of call – and I realised that he had just launched an online programme. It was perfect!”

Online programme designed by an expert

Weight loss Mastery is a 12-week online diet and exercise programme which has been designed to fit around your busy life.

I put together a great programme that is all done online, with recipes, weekly support calls, personalised exercise and training, and a friendly Facebook group to cheer you on.

“Even though I have lost weight and got fit before, I felt a bit lost after my second baby,” admits Katharine.

“It all feels different, and I was strangely worried about getting back into fitness. I didn’t know where to start, how much I could do, or what exercises would be best. I had no idea how much to eat when I was breastfeeding and 7 weeks postpartum. When I found Weight Loss Mastery I knew Joe would have the expert answers I needed!’’

“I already had a lot of confidence in Joe, and knew he’d be able to choose the best exercises for me and adapt them as we went along. There was no way I could get to the gym with a new baby and a toddler! I needed something personalised, online, and with that level of accountability like coaching. Weight Loss Mastery had it all. It could have been designed for me!”

Exercise after baby can be confusing…

Katharine joined Weight Loss Mastery at 7 weeks postpartum and immediately loved the community, all working towards similar goals (and all with the same problems and challenges!)

Everyone on the programme gets a personalised training programme and nutrition plan, and Katharine’s workouts were designed to be done at home with barely any equipment.

Can you believe it’s possible to get results like these with no gym and just 3-4 20 minute home workouts per week?

“My main goal was that wedding in France,” says Katharine.

“I would be 18 weeks postpartum at that stage, and nearing the end of my weight loss mastery journey. I wanted to wear something lovely, and feel confident with my arms out. I also wanted to wear a bikini on our holiday after the wedding – but I didn’t know if that was a bit ambitious! Joe supported me with my goals and had total confidence in me.”

What did Katharine end up wearing at the wedding?

A spaghetti strap dress (she can’t remember the last time she wore something strappy!)

“I honestly felt better and fitter than I had before the pregnancy!” she says.

How did she do it – in 12 weeks, with baby and toddler (and no gym!)

“Weight Loss Mastery is expertly designed and every detail is thought through for Mums,” she says.

“But it’s more than that. Joe’s entire ethos is about helping you re-programme how you think about food. It’s not another diet. It’s an education. I learned about portion sizes, eating for my energy needs, and being honest with how much I was eating!’’

‘’I learned about planning ahead and making good choices when I eat out. There are so many great tips in the Facebook group – we all share our useful advice!”

We work with every Mum on the programme to strike the right balance between calories for weight loss, and energy needs for every day life (including postpartum recovery, and breastfeeding if relevant).

“There was no restriction,” Katharine explains.

“Joe helped me learn how to fit in snacks and treats, and still lose a lot of weight and shape up. I got out of the bad habits like clearing kids’ pates, snacking mindlessly, and emotional eating. Joe is so kind and supportive”

Get off the yo-yo diet spiral forever

Weight Loss Mastery helped Katharine learn how to eat in a balanced, informed way without bingeing or overcompensating.

“Before this programme, I’d eat out a lot and the next day I’d hardly eat anything to compensate for it,” she recalls.

“That’s a miserable way to do it, but I think a lot of us do it! I’ve learned to be more balanced, eat more regularly, and work with my body after it’s done such an amazing job!”

Katharine’s not the only one who found Weight Loss Mastery useful.

Her husband followed the guidelines, spurred on by the amazing changes to his wife’s energy, mood, sleep, and physique. And he lost 1.5 stone in 8 weeks!

Showing the kids that healthy eating and exercise are normal

“Weight Loss Mastery is a lifestyle, not a diet,” says Katharine.

“It was easy to eat as a family, because there are no weird diet foods or silly restrictive recipes. We both wanted to show our children what healthy is, and to be a good role models’’.

‘’Exercise and eating well is part of our lives, not a big deal or anything unusual. Joe helped me show my kids that it’s easy to be happy and healthy.”

Katharine has now officially finished Weight Loss Mastery, but she can keep going because her custom workouts and recipe book are hers for life.

“I’ve stopped the yoyo dieting,” she says. “After two children, I am fitter and look better than I have for a long time. It can be done!”

You can join Weight Loss Mastery HERE – what could YOU achieve in 12 weeks?

We’ll be with you every step of the way!

Coach Joseph Webb.

‘The number one rated Personal Trainer In Henley and Oxfordshire’


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