Which diet is best for weight loss? (truth time)

There’s so much information out there about diet and nutrition for losing weight. Off the top of my head I can name “low carb”, “calorie counting”, “low fat”, “intermittent fasting”, “dairy-free”, “paleo”….and a quick Google search would give you 100s of others.

Even the weight loss industry can’t agree on one diet for weight loss.

But the thing about all of those diets is that they work, At least for a short while.

So Which Diet Is Best?

Pick any kind of diet you like, and you WILL lose weight (Provided you are in a calorie deficit).

The problem comes when you look further down the line.

We already know that most diets “fail” long term (although I’d argue that it’s not the diet that fails, but the diet industry which is failing the dieters – but that’s another topic for another day).

So is there one diet that is best for weight loss? As the owner of a body transformation business, surely I’ll say “yes… the one WE use…” right?

Well, no, not really.

Figure Out What’s Best For YOU

There’s A Very Simple Solution To Your Diet Conundrum

Don’t copy what your friend, sister, colleague is doing. Learn about yourself, trust what you already know about your body, and you’ll find the solution.

Next time you’ve got a spare five minutes, I’d like you to sit down with pen and paper and brainstorm answers to these 9 questions:

1.)What are my favourite foods?

2.)What tastes, textures, flavours do I like?

3.)What foods could I never go without?

4.)What foods and drinks could I happily never eat again?

5.)Do I feel better on high carbs and lower fat? Or higher fat and less carb?

6.)Do carbs make me energised or sleepy/bloated?

7.)What kinds of foods gives me energy and satisfy my cravings?

8.)When I’m tired/emotional, what foods do I crave?

9.)What is my favourite breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack?

You Now Have The Start Of Your Diet Blueprint

Something you can take and start to build a nutrition plan that works for you.

This approach will help you lose weight and keep it off for life. Popular diets and fads will come and go, but your personal diet preferences will always be there.

Simply having this knowledge puts you miles ahead of everyone else who tries to lose weight without checking in with themselves.

The Calorie Deficit

To lose weight, you just need to create a calorie deficit – eat a bit less than you need, or move a bit more than you eat, so once you have the deficit in place, take the answers to your 9 questions and use them to build your food plan.

You know your body best.

Trust your instincts. This information gives you control and power.

Coach Joseph Webb.

P.S If you are looking for extra help with your customised nutrition and training approach then take a look at our Online Coaching and Private Personal Training services to see how we could help you today.

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