6 Pro food prep tips (time saver)

6 Smart Food Prep Tips You Can Use Right Now 

Food prep is one of those tasks that can easily become a burden in our day to day lives.

The truth is, if we don’t prepare our food in advance it can be a slippery slope towards eating on the go and convenience foods.

One of the biggest reasons we put off food prep is because it takes time.

Well in today’s post I’m going to give you 6 ways you can make food prep easier and save a TON of time.

1.) Batch Cook

If you’ve got a slow cooker/crockpot, make several batches of chili, bolognese sauce, or any combination of meat/minced meat/tinned tomatoes/vegetables etc. Then portion it out, refrigerate some, freeze others – ready-made healthy meals. Just add rice, potatoes, etc as needed!

2.) Cook Your Protein

Chicken and turkey are staple foods of a healthy fat loss type diet. But it’s time-consuming to cook meat from raw each time. Use time at the weekend to oven bake a load of chicken breasts (season them as you like).

Refrigerate some, freeze others … you know the drill!

3.) Make Lunch For The Week

Start taking your own lunch into work and you will instantly take control of a huge part of your diet. Use the weekend to prep 3 lunches (they will keep til Wednesday) – or all 5 (freeze them, take one out each evening).

4.) Chop Veggies

Chop up fresh veggies into bite-size bits and keep in the fridge in air tight containers. Easy to grab raw for snacks, or faster to cook when it comes to meal times!

5.) Plan Your Evening Meals (Plus A Shopping List)

Sit down with the family and plan evening meals. Then make a shopping list and either head to the supermarket or do an online order – but only buy what you need! Save cash, no impulse purchases, and less tempting food in the house!

6.) Prepare Tomorrow’s Breakfast

Use Sunday night to prep Monday’s breakfast – overnight oats is a great idea. Get Monday off to a flying start!

Even if you did just ONE of these things, you’ll be streets ahead of almost everyone else in the weight loss battle.

I hope you enjoyed these food prep tips, please share if they helped you.

Coach Joseph Webb.

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