Are your beliefs holding you back?

Mental Shackles -Coach Joseph Webb

It Starts And Ends In Your Mind

When it comes to embarking on your weight loss journey, it can be easy to focus on the purely aesthetic aspects of this transformation.

Through my 14 years of experience in professional coaching,

I have observed that one of the most prevalent pitfalls when it comes to implementing lifestyle changes, is the tendency to prioritise the physical over the mental and emotional.

However, I believe this is a big mistake,

the mind is the foundation and control center of true transformation.

Look Inside Yourself

Meaningful and long-lasting personal change cannot be attained unless you begin your journey by introspectively looking at your personal values and beliefs.

Resolving to lose weight is making that leap towards changing yourself for the better,

striving to develop new habits from your old ones and bring positive changes to your health that will last a lifetime.

Personal change is by no means a fast solution, and there are no short-cuts.

You Need Lasting Change, Not A Quick Fix

My coaching methods are based on the realisation that for physical transformation to last,

it is essential that the mind is transformed alongside it.

For example, habits such as procrastination and comfort eating or negative beliefs and values regarding your body function as negative mental restraints.

The mind is an extraordinarily powerful tool, and with guidance, it has the potential to become the key you have been searching for in your own life.

Searching Inside Yourself

From my experiences, one of the most transformative and astonishing breakthroughs you will make is the realisation that you, yourself,

are all that you need in order to live the life that you have always dreamed of living.

This is the beauty of the complexity of the human mind –

we already have all of the answers to the uncertainties we have within us.

Foundational Coaching

Through my coaching, the mindset modules of my programmes are carefully created in order to gently guide you towards this revelation,

so that you are empowered by your ability to not only understand but to also actively change your mindset into one which is self-affirming and strengthening.

This is the basis of one of the most fundamental concepts within my coaching modules…

‘The Pyramid of Transformation’

This pyramid establishes mindset as the foundation for any form of transformation, whether this is in regards to health, relationships, education or work.

Each of these aspects is intricately connected with one another –

meaning that working on and making progress in one area will be reflected in beneficial changes in other areas.

For a long time, the dominating discourse on weight loss has centred on the superficial,

such as changing the numbers you see on the scale or dropping clothing sizes.

Your Values And Beliefs

If your mind is working against you by holding onto deeply-ingrained habits,

or long-held beliefs and values that are counter-intuitive to your desires for change,

then it is going to be difficult to witness long-term changes on the scale.

Psychology has long affirmed that past experiences,

as well as your interactions with those around you, the media, and the content you consume, are interpreted by your mind,

which then goes on to create beliefs and values which are based on these observations.

These have a massive impact on virtually every aspect of your life.

Essentially, your internal beliefs and values influence your attitudes to health and your body,

your habits and lifestyle as well as your self-image

essentially everything you think, say and do is informed by these.

This evidently makes your beliefs and values a crucial part of the transformative process,

and changing these will enable you to introduce purpose and direction into your life.

What’s Important To You?

Values inform what matters most to you,

and this is why you need to understand the values you hold dear and the way you can implement them into your own life.

Laying out your values is an incredibly empowering process,

enabling you to understand which direction you can take your life in so that you may experience freedom, confidence and direction. 

Discovering your personal values is as simple as sitting down and writing down a list of everything which is of importance to you,

whether that is health, independence, family, autonomy, loyalty, etc. to name a few.

Where Do Beliefs Come From?

Beliefs often originate in childhood and this is why they are often rarely questioned,

and they encompass the things we believe to be true, regardless of whether they are actually are in reality.

However, as with values, they can sometimes be negative and self-limited. For example, we may have established a belief that we aren’t attractive,

this can result in a negative self-image and a resulting lack of value placed on things such as health and motivation.

When it comes to such detrimental beliefs, it’s important to understand where they originated from.

One way to do this would be to sit down and write a list of things you feel negatively about regarding yourself,

and then writing the reasoning behind them.

More often than not, you’ll discover that such depreciating ideas have little basis in reality,

and were merely concepts you picked up from external influences.

This is why it is so important to challenge and then remove societal expectations

and ignore the values and beliefs which have been imprinted upon you.

The feeling of defining yourself with your own terms and realising the endless possibilities of your inner potential is incredibly liberating.

How I Help People

The foundation of my mindset coaching programmes is to create a personal and bespoke service for my clients.

Through this, I guide my clients to understand and identify any problematic beliefs

and values they have been holding onto without realising,

and then replacing these with ones that are positive and affirming.

The mind is an extraordinarily powerful tool,

and it is crucial to learn how to harness its potential and channel this power,

so that it facilitates meaningful and lasting change.

With my guidance, the wonderful people I work with have been empowered with the realisation that they are already all they will ever need to fulfil their dreams,

whether this is in regards to weight loss or any other aspect of their life.

If you would like help finding your values and beliefs to help you transform your life,

Apply today for our private coaching services.

Coach Joseph Webb.

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