5 Ways to burn more calories

In my 14 years as a body transformation coach, I’ve seen busy people making the same mistakes time and time again over…

These Mistakes Invariably Cost You Time, Time They Really Don’t Have

The TIME spent cooking separate “diet meals” for themselves (and something else for the family)

Or TIME scouring specialist website or supermarket aisles for low-carb, zero-carb “foods”
And TIME wasted doing boring cardio to burn more calories….

Make Sure You Don’t Make The Same Weight Loss Mistakes

Here are 5 things you can start doing today which WILL help you lose weight and WON’T demand your time or money!

#1 Walk More

Walking is a powerful way to manage your weight – don’t underestimate it.
Do you worry that you’re too sedentary?
Get yourself a pedometer or activity tracker and up your daily steps (aim for 10,000 a day, or 70,000 over the week in total).
It doesn’t have to come from long walks. Short walks all add up.

#2 Everyday Movement

One of the best ways to keep your metabolic rate high is to move more!
NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) is just as important as “official” exercise sessions.
NEAT means any activity outside of your workouts.
Walking, DIY, manual chores, even using a shopping basket rather than a trolley.
How can you move more during the day?

#3 Eat More Protein

The idea of TEF (thermic effect of food) is a real thing.
Our bodies actually need more energy to digest protein than other foods.
Use this to your advantage.
Aim to eat some protein at every meal and snack.

#4 Exercise Less (But Work Harder)

Here’s an easy way to grab back some of your valuable time.
Stop wasting it on long, slow workouts which aren’t getting you results anyway.
Choose workouts that keep your metabolic rate high even after you have finished.
HIIT, interval training, and circuits take LESS time but are MORE effective!

#5 Use Food Volume

Fill yourself up without overdoing the calories by using high volume foods that give you more “bang for your buck”.
Here are some ideas we love: chopped salads (great for work), homemade soups, fresh smoothies, berries, and oats instead of granola.
Our transformation programme and online programmes help you make these things habit so your body falls into an effortless groove of burning fat every single day.
(By the way, if you ever want anything specific, just ping an email to [email protected] and tell me what you struggle with.)

Coach Joseph Webb.

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