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Dee Booth has always been fit and healthy, her slim body the product of years of ballet dancing.

So she knows how to exercise – in fact, she managed a gym earlier in her working life.

Surgery And A Second Baby

But after a hip operation and a second baby, Dee barely recognised the body in the mirror.

None of us have an automatic pass to a slim body for life.

Not even dancer Dee, with her background in exercise and gym management.

She needed encouragement, accountability, and regular motivation from someone who really understood her mindset.

This is the story of how Dee worked with us – at her home and in the local park – to get her body and happiness back!

Even The Best Knowledge Is Useless Without Taking Action

“Exercise and dance have been a part of my life for so long, I’ve never known what it feels like to be unfit.” she explains.

“So it was quite a shock to realise that I’d fallen out of the habits that kept me fit.”

Running a growing business, having a hip operation, suffering with morning sickness, and then a new baby all combined to throw Dee off track.

But it was the prospect of a beach holiday that brought things into sharp focus.

“I realised that I was dreading putting on a bikini,” Dee says.

“I had “saddle sacks” and saggy knees.

Yes, I didn’t even like my knees – and I’d never felt like that about my body. I just didn’t feel like me any more.”

Searching For A  Coach

Dee knew she could do something about it, but also knew she would get much better results with a PT.

She has spent enough of her life around Personal Trainers and dance teachers to understand what value a great coach brings to any personal journey.

“My biggest challenges were time and motivation,” she says.

“I knew what to do, but I still hadn’t done it!

I needed someone who would give me a push, but understood how to deal with my body after pregnancy and a hip operation.”

The Gym Vs Personal Training

Dee considered joining a local gym, but she didn’t have enough free time to travel to the gym and back each time.

“I had worked with a Personal Trainer when I had my first baby,” says Dee. “So I had good memories of PT, and knew what to look for in a trainer.”

Dee saw our Facebook adverts looking for clients around Henley-upon-Thames.

I went over to her home to find out what she wanted to get out of Personal Training.

Goal’s Focussed

“Joe was very motivational and goal orientated,” says Dee.

“We set body-shape goals, not weight loss.

I wanted to firm up, not have such skinny arms, and get rid of the saggy knees!”

We had to be very efficient with her time.

I brought my Personal Training equipment to her house, or we met at a local park for a workout.

This meant Dee didn’t waste any time travelling to and from a gym.

Every minute she had spare was put to good use.

One Session A Week & 7 Days A Week Support

“I couldn’t justify more than one session a week,” explains Dee, “but I knew that with Joe’s motivation I could train by myself during the week.

It worked perfectly around my new baby and running my business.

We would train on Saturday mornings, so it didn’t eat into family time – sparing me the Mum guilt!

Every session was different, and Joe incorporated things that I love doing.

“We would stay in touch every day.

Joe would ask what training I was doing, and offer solutions if I was struggling to fit it in.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

I usually do 2 of his amazing videos, one run, and a session of yoga/pilates.

The aim is for 3 intense sessions a week, 2 gentle sessions, and maybe 1 other if I have time.”

So Dee’s exercise was covered with one Personal Training session per week, and then a combination of workouts that she could do at home any time.

We also helped her with the food part of the puzzle.

Dee had a solid background in healthy eating, but – like most of us – bad habits had crept in over the years.

Fixing Bad Habits

“Joe helped me identify bad habits, and replace them with things that would work for my busy schedule and family life,” says Dee.

“My nutrition was OK before, but it’s really improved now.

Joe has made me conscious about the decisions I make, so I think before I make a choice.

“I check in with Joe every Saturday, but his voice is always in my head, keeping me focused all week,” says Dee.

“It really works for me, because he is so motivating and I respect him.”

Dee’s Progress: 12 Weeks In

“I have lost body fat, my waist has come in, and my stomach is so much more toned,” says Dee. “And my knees are my own again – not saggy any more!

My butt has lifted, and my painful hip hasn’t bothered me once.

Everything is happy happy happy! It’s amazing – I love it.”

Healthy Changes For The Whole Family

If a Personal Trainer can’t show you how to exercise and eat better in the context of your family life, look elsewhere!

Dee is a Mum, wife, and runs her own thriving business.

Personal Training had to fit around her life – not the other way around.

As a Dad, husband, and business owner myself, I totally understand this.

“All the changes Joe has suggested have been so positive and sustainable,” Dee says.

“We are all eating better, and my 11-year-old daughter is motivated to exercise with me outdoors.

I’m so glad I didn’t have to join a gym to achieve all this.”

Maintaining Positive Changes

“I still have work to do,” says Dee, “but I feel so much better, and all my goals feel within reach.

I’m even thinking about going back to ballet for the first time in 2 years because my strength is so much better.”

“My main goal is to stay strong and fit,” she says.

“Working with Joe has taught me how to get amazing results without a gym.

I’m 40 now, and want to keep feeling happy when I look in the mirror.”

If you want a mobile Personal Trainer who will design exercise and healthy eating to fit around your family, job, and social life, apply for our coaching services today.

Coach Joseph Webb.

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