Starting to dread exercise? Try this

Exercise (Aka movement) has been a part of your life since your heart began to beat.

The reason you can walk, talk, bend, twist, pull and push is because you first decided to MOVE.

How You Get Started

At first all your movement was intuitive, experimental and based on what you were motivated to try.

So where did we get lost? How did we start seeing movement as this necessary evil for keeping our bodies in shape?

Try New Things

I believe it’s very simple, we stopped trying new things and started listening to what other people told us was best.

We stopped looking at exercise as an experience and started to look at it as something we HAVE to do! Where’s the fun in that?

Think about it, As an adult you are told to move a certain way for fat loss, to move a certain way to build the maximum amount of muscle and you are left doing things because someone else told you it was the right thing to do.

Focus On What You Love

Don’t get me wrong, I prescribe exercise for clients, and yes there is always an optimum way of doing things – but the most effective workout in the world becomes ineffective if you don’t actually DO IT!

So, if you are at the point where you’re dreading your workouts and want to start enjoying exercise/movement again, it’s time to get back to doing activities that you are excited about and will look forward to.

The Best Regime Is The One You Can Stick Yo

Forget about whether it’s the ‘best’ exercise for a toned midsection and focus purely on enjoyment.

When we get back to the experience we are far more likely to give our all and therefore see better results, Why? Because We’re having fun!!

Movement is an essential part of surviving as a human being – don’t waste your time hating your exercise routine, ask yourself how you’d like to move and I promise you’ll never miss another ‘workout’

Coach Joseph Webb.

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