Nutrition coaching helps Alison get off anaemia medication

Alison had suffered with serious iron deficiency since the difficult birth of her first child over 12 years ago.

Fed up of being on medication, and overwhelmed with online nutrition information, she turned to me for bespoke coaching.

In just 6 weeks, she was off the medication and feeling like a new woman!

“My health and energy levels were on the floor,” says Alison.

“It started when my first daughter was born. I was put on a high dose supplement, but the GP advised I stop taking it at 6 weeks post-partum without running any checks. I assumed I just needed to muscle through with the exhaustion. It wasn’t until my daughter was 5 months old that I realised how poorly I was.”

By now Alison had lost lots of weight and was struggling to stay awake.

She knew it was far more than new Mum tiredness.

She went to another GP who was amazed she was still walking upright, and put her back on high dose supplemental iron.

Medication Doesn’t Have To Be Part Of Everyday Life

Fast forward several years, and Alison had accepted the extreme fatigue as part of everyday life as a Mum of two.

“I’ve never been able to sustain my iron levels without high dose supplements that come with a lot of side effects including stomach problems,” she says.

Alison knew this reliance on supplemental iron couldn’t continue. She needed to find ways to tackle the problem through healthy nutrition.

Coaching To Cut Through The Information Overload

“I was fed up with feeling so rubbish,” she explains. “I started doing CrossFit in Bourne End and enjoyed getting stronger.

But I knew I wasn’t getting the right nutrients and just couldn’t figure it out.”

Like so many people, Alison was overwhelmed and frustrated by online nutrition advice.

Despite her best intentions, she couldn’t find a simple explanation of how to eat to support her iron levels.

Bespoke Nutrition Coaching For Real-Life Issues

One of Alison’s friends from Marlow had worked with me for fitness and nutrition coaching, and Alison reached out for nutrition-only support.

“Joe’s level of knowledge is amazing,” says Alison.

“I was confident that he would be able to simplify everything. He took it upon himself to research my health condition and the supplements I had been on over the years. The improvement in my health and energy levels was very quick.”

Alison’s iron levels were causing a ripple effect on her wellbeing.

She felt constantly tired and drained, which impacted her mood and productivity.

The fatigue was messing with her body’s ability to feel full after eating, so she was sometimes overeating on foods that did nothing for her health.

Simplifying Nutrition And Healthy Eating Habits

I helped her eat more iron-rich foods, sent her easy and appealing recipes, and threw in some bonus fitness advice to help with a long-term back problem.

“Joe really went the extra mile,” she says.

“I only paid him for nutrition coaching, but he recorded me some videos to help with core strength, and it’s better than it’s been in years. I sometimes use his YouTube workouts as an easy way to train at home”.

“He is so quick at responding to questions. I really feel that he is alongside me in this journey.”

After just 6 weeks of nutrition coaching, Alison was off her ferrous iron medication.

I introduced her to the more holistic option of Blue Iron, and showed her how to eat more iron-rich foods and protein in a way that fit with her routine.

“I feel tons better,” says Alison.

“Even when I have a natural dip in my energy levels, it’s nothing like it used to be. And I know exactly how to get back on track with healthy eating, rest, and daily habits”.

“I didn’t expect Joe to be so knowledgeable about women’s health issues, but he has so much experience and really knows his stuff. He has fixed a health issue that had affected my life for over a decade. Anything he suggests – I’ll do it! That’s how much faith I have in him.”

A Stronger, Fitter, More Energised Future At 50

Alison’s goal is to climb a rockface before her 50th birthday.

With her new-found energy, she is able to train harder at CrossFit, gain more strength, and feel confident in her body’s abilities.

“I knew nutrition was key to feeling better, and was so keen to get off medication, but didn’t know where to start,” she says.

“Joe has helped me achieve it all and more. He’s given me the tools I need to look after my health, and that’s very empowering.”

One thing about working with me surprised Alison – a change in mindset.

“I’ve had a complete change in mentality about food,” she says.

“Joe has helped me to look at the bigger picture, taking my energy needs into account. These days, I look at patterns, not isolated meals. I’m kinder to myself – and that’s a huge thing.”

Do you need help with nutrition for a health or energy issue?

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