Healthy Bank Holiday BBQ Tips

There’s two bank holidays ahead AND the weather is predicting sunshine?! That can only mean one thing…. Enjoying a fun and full weekend of socialising and celebrating! If you’re heading to a BBQ (or hosting one) here are my top tips for keeping your healthy eating intentions on track.

1. Take some food for the group

The best way to ensure there’s something healthy to eat – is to take it! Make a big green salad or tomato salad, take some fresh veg (carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, chopped peppers are super easy).

2. Choose lean meats from the BBQ

Now onto the main event. BBQ food can be really fatty, which means lots of calories. Why not enjoy one indulgent item (burger or sausage) then if you want more, go for chicken or skewers.

3. Load up on salads and crudites

Pile your plate high with the high-volume, low-cal stuff like leafy salads, tomatoes, crudites, potato salad (watch out for dressing). Leave less room for crisps, cupcakes and other sneaky calorie bombs.

4. Stand away from the food table

This simple tip really works. Just stand well away from where the food is. Chat with people, catch up, enjoy the company. This makes it much more difficult to grab food and snack mindlessly.

5. Stick to non-alcoholic drinks

Get into the habit of not drinking alcohol at BBQs. If you really want to drink, just have one – and enjoy it.

Coach Joseph Webb

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