Jessicar discovered how to lose bodyfat when nothing else had worked

Jessicar Edwards shares her journey working with us.


Jessicar Edwards is a small woman, and all the diets she’d tried in the past had stopped working. She knew it was time to learn what her body really needs.

“It felt like everything had slowed down,” said Jessicar. “I’d tried the gym, fitness classes, calorie counting and diets. I just didn’t understand why nothing was working.”

The fact is, nobody had ever taught Jessicar about the science and human behaviour behind successful weight loss.

So when things stopped working, she wasn’t able to design her own formula.

When Jessicar reached out to me, she realised that working with a coach is much more about having a “personal trainer”. With my style of coaching, she could access a lifelong education about food, calories, exercise and daily activity that would keep her slim and healthy.

“My initial goal was to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight,” she said. “But I also wanted Joe to teach me how to choose the right foods, what effect food has on my body, and how to stop the cycle of yoyo dieting.”

How to lose weight as a 5ft woman

Although Jessica is a small person, she didn’t have to starve herself or cut out the foods she enjoys. We worked together to increase her energy output and choose healthy, filling foods.

In 12 weeks of online coaching, I gave Jessicar personalised workouts with video explanations so she understood the logic. I helped her lose weight without cutting out the snacks she loved.

And I made extra visits to her home to take measurements to show how her body was changing.

Changing the relationship with how much she weighs

Jessicar stopped focusing on the scales and enjoyed seeing her body change as she took up strength training for the first time in her life.

“My weight didn’t change quickly like some people’s would,” she said. “But my body composition has changed and that matters more. I have more muscle and less fat, I’m more toned and fit into clothes much better.”

Learning about body composition prompted Jessicar to rethink her weight goal, as she realised her pre-pregnancy weight was unrealistically light for her new toned body.

She used to hate looking in the mirror and actively avoid being in photos. She now loves taking progress photos to track the difference in her body. She’s noticed far loss from her hips, back, and stomach and can see her arms and legs toning up.

“I used to get really down when I’d weigh myself, but Joe helped me see that weight is just one indicator,” she said. “I now think about how I look in the mirror, my energy levels, and how I feel about my body.”

Losing weight with a sedentary corporate job

Jessicar lost 8lbs during our 12 weeks of online coaching. Her habits have changed dramatically, and she feels confident about choosing healthy options and portion sizes when she’s travelling with work and eating out.

“My mindset about eating and exercising is completely different since working with Joe,” she said.

“I’m more active at work and don’t sit at my desk for hours, and I’ve found a form of exercise that I really love – dance workouts! I understand how food affects my mood and energy, and know how to make healthier choices without relying on diet rules.”

Jessicar has changed from a sedentary desk-based worker who didn’t know what foods to choose, to a strong woman who builds activity into her working day, does regular dance workouts, and chooses healthy foods without a second thought.

Self-confidence at work and in social situations

She feels more powerful in work meetings because she feels good about her body, and has lots more energy as a wife and Mum. Her new lifestyle is even having an impact on friends and family.

“When we go out to eat, I’m able to explain to people why I choose the foods I do,” she said. “They can see this is a real lifestyle change and are curious about my healthy habits. They can feel how much happier I am, too, since I let go of the stress around weighing myself.”

If you feel like mainstream diet rules aren’t working for you, be like Jessicar and work with a coach who will work with you to find an individual approach based on your body and lifestyle.

As Jessicar discovered, having a coach in your corner who will continue to make adjustments, explain the logic, and keep you motivated can help you find freedom from the weighing scales.

“Working with Joe was an investment in my health and happiness that will last a lifetime,” said Jessicar. “I can’t believe what we achieved in just over 12 weeks.”

Coach Joseph Webb.

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