George’s health markers back to normal after just 6 weeks


George See's incredible results with Coach Joseph Webb.
‘George See’s incredible results with Coach Joseph Webb’

When George Lamb was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, it came as a big blow.

George and his wife had lived in Sydney for 11 years, where he’d enjoyed 6 am sunrise beach workouts and a healthy lifestyle.

Back in the UK, with two children, a demanding business, and a painful health condition, life felt very different.

“I find it incredible that I literally stopped exercising completely for nearly 5 years,” says George.

“I got into fitness and healthy living in a huge way in Australia. Fitness training was important to me. Then we moved back here, had our first child, and life changed dramatically.”

Sedentary, Stressed And Eating Too Many Bacon Sandwiches

“I knew my diet wasn’t healthy but didn’t stop to seriously consider just how bad it had got,” he says.

“I felt sluggish and slow, and started getting a lot of aches and pains.”

It turned out George had a painful condition called psoriatic arthritis – not helped by the poor quality food he was eating.

Flare-ups could leave him in pain for several months.

On the rare occasion, he did try to go for a run, he picked up an injury.

He was stuck in a spiral of unhealthy choices and didn’t know how to get back to his former sporty self.

“I was at a pretty low point,” George says.

“I used to be able to do anything active without coughing up a lung. This was no longer the case. It felt like age was catching up on me. My jeans felt tight, I was flabby around the edges. My metabolism was starting to run away from me.”

George Lamb can go wakeboarding again says Coach Joseph Webb
‘George got his fitness back and now can enjoy wakeboarding again’

“Busy Dads Who Want To Get Fit Again”

Once his children were at school, George realised it was time to focus on himself.

He found an old screenshot on his phone of one of my social media posts from years ago, aimed at busy Dads who want to get back in shape.

“I had completely forgotten about that post,” he says, “but clearly something about Joe’s message and philosophy reached out to me even back then. I got in touch with him and arranged a consultation.”

George wanted to be as fit and lean as he had been in Australia.

He knew his eating habits had slipped, and wanted help getting back into exercise without pain. I knew how much impact a healthy diet would have on his arthritis and quality of life.

“I needed a catalyst,” says George. “Joe was the right person to give me guidance and accountability. I was on board with his method and beliefs, and knew I wanted that back in my life.”

George’s Transformation In Numbers

George started his transformation at 18% bodyfat and aimed for 12%.

By the halfway point of our programme, he had already hit 14%!

At the start: 81kg, 18% bodyfat

After 12 weeks: 74kg, 11.5% bodyfat

Combining Nutrition With Exercise For A Total Transformation

For the first time, George was being coached in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle and learned how to combine nutrition, exercise, activity, sleep, and stress management techniques to achieve true lifestyle change.

“I’ve never met a coach who offers it all before,” he says. “Having one person overseeing it all was the approach I needed.”

Coach Joseph Webb helps George Lamb change his life for the better
‘I’m back feeling great again’

Blown Away By His Results

My style of training took George right back to his Sydney days.

“The results I got in a short space of time astounded me,” he says. “Joe short intense workouts, and I was amazed at how well they worked. I’d love to do more, but I have to be realistic. Joe is great at coming up with a plan that works with my schedule.”

George saw me once a week for a training session at his home, and then trained twice a week by himself and stayed active with the family. That’s it – no lengthy gym visits or hours of cardio.

The Importance Of Healthy Eating Habits

As he discovered, nutrition is a crucial part of the equation. If you get it right, you can reduce the amount of exercise you need to do – and actually get in better shape. This is great news for busy parents like George.

Life-Changing Results For A Pain-Free Future

My coaching plans are always bespoke. With George, we worked on strengthening areas of weakness to ensure he would stay injury-free doing his favourite sports.

And I taught him how to eat a healthy diet which would help with his arthritis.

Halfway through his coaching journey, George went for a routine blood test and the results astounded him.

“My blood markers were all normal for the first time since I had been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis,” he said. “This was after just 6 weeks with Joe. There are so many benefits – it’s about much more than getting my sixpack back!”

Coach Joseph Webb
‘George had always been active, now he can get back to activities he loves’

Back To Peak Fitness

George is now fitter and leaner than he had been in Australia. But this time he is equipped with knowledge and tools to manage every aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

“So much has changed in such a short amount of time,” he says. “I feel much more energised, I’m sleeping better, I feel pumped and on form. I’m performing better at work, and I’m a better Dad and husband. My health condition is under control and I feel like myself again”

“All credit to Joe for keeping me on track and motivated, he really goes the extra mile. I’ve met the perfect coach to help me – and the results speak for themselves. I have total belief in what Joe does and recommend him to anyone!”

Do you want results like George? apply for my private coaching services today!

Coach Joseph Webb.

‘The number one rated Personal Trainer In Henley and Oxfordshire’

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