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Fi Harding


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Fi Harding


Fi Lost Two Dress Sizes & 12kgs By Learning New Perceptions Of “Dieting”

Like a lot of people, Fi Harding thought she was living a healthy lifestyle. So why wasn’t she losing weight? She ate well, went to exercise classes, even had a small gym set up at home. Here’s the story of how Fi lost more weight in 12 weeks than she had in years – once she learned a few simple tactics.

“Like most busy people, I always thought I was doing enough to be healthy,” said Fi. “I did regular exercise classes, and would have said I ate a good balanced diet.”

This just made it even more confusing – and frustrating – when Fi couldn’t lose weight. What was she missing?

As Fi discovered, it’s not enough to exercise a bit and eat a mostly healthy diet. If you want to lose some weight, you need to learn about nutrition.

Personal Training To Learn New Strategies

“My husband had counted calories in the past,” Fi said, “and I always thought it was a bit obsessive and unnecessary. When we started working with Joseph, my outlook changed – and that’s when the weight began to drop off.”

Fi had never considered working with a PT, assuming it was for ultra-fit people who already knew lots about exercise and nutrition. Thankfully, I was able to change her mind!

“Joe is so relaxed and welcoming, and made me feel I could achieve a lot in just 12 weeks,” said Fi. “I had never thought coaching was for me – I now see it’s for anyone!”

Putting Your Health & Wellness First

At a size 14, Fi was unhappy with the way she looked. She constantly felt frustrated, but admits she never really tackled the issue. She put her kids, work, relationship, and friendships first, until she realised token gestures aren’t enough.

“I realised nothing is more important than my own health, and clearly needed to do something different,” she said. “Joe helped me learn some pretty simple ways to lose weight and keep it off.”

Fi worked with me for 12 weeks, with the goal of losing 10kgs. She achieved that – and much more. She has lost 13kgs so far and is now working with me to maintain the weight and embed her new eating and exercise habits.

“Joe taught me so much,” she said. “He educated me on the important of calories and portion sizes, and encouraged me to think about fat loss and body composition rather than just weight loss.

“I never felt hungry because I was still eating a decent amount, just the right things – which filled me up more than my previous food choices and snacks!”

Learning A New Mental Process

Fi and her husband Derek (Read Derek’s story HERE) didn’t have to give up their favourite meals, the occasional drink, or being social.

“Joe helps you learn how to make better choices and plan for the odd drink or big meal,” Fi explained.

“He gives detailed feedback but it’s never critical – this was a huge thing for me.

He’s always friendly and encouraging, giving helpful suggestions.

It has totally changed my perception of Personal Trainers!”

Structure & Consistency With Exercise

I helped Fi understand the benefit of frequent short workouts and more activity during the day. For Fi, who works at home, this was a game-changer.

“Joe came to our house to do our training sessions, and would give me suggested sessions to do by myself,” said Fi.

“I enjoyed learning more about resistance training, making progress, and pushing myself as the weeks went on. It also had an effect on us as a family –

we did more walks and bike rides as a family, especially over the Christmas holiday.”

After 12 weeks with me, Fi had lost 12kgs and two dress sizes.

Here Are Some Of The Stats

-12 Kgs lost

-7 inches off the waist

-5 inches off the hips

-2.5 Inches off the legs

-5 Inches off the back

-A complete new outlook on health and fitness

“I never thought I’d be saying this, but I now like trying clothes on and looking at myself in the mirror. I’m down to a size 10 which is more than I could have hoped for!”

Learning Lifelong Fat Loss Skills

“Training with Joe has been a revelation,” said Fi. “I am enjoying exercise more than I ever thought I would, and no longer see it as something that has to be done.

I look forward to it as some me-time. And the diet side of things has been fascinating, I’ve learned so much.

“Despite my initial resistance to calorie counting, I have grown to love it as a fat loss tool I can use whenever I want.

It’s not obsessive, it’s a useful way to understand how much you are eating.

Joe has helped me think about food choices, portion sizes, and balancing my food intake for my activity levels.”

Fi Has Discovered That 1-2-1 Personal Training Is For Anyone

“Fitness, health, and wellbeing are important to us all, and Personal Training is not just for fit people.

Joe is relaxed, encouraging, and very understanding of real-life situations. The accountability keeps you on track, and having Joe in your corner makes it easy to keep going.”

I hope you find inspiration for Fi’s story. If you are interested in our online coaching or personal training services please get in touch today.

Coach Joseph Webb.

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