Tim came to us to lose weight…and left with a new career!

Our client Tim’s story will sound familiar. But the ending is going to blow you away!

Keep reading to discover how the journey of shedding 17 lbs body fat in 12 weeks turned into a life-changing decision.

Tim runs his own business. He is a husband. And he is – in his own words – an “older Dad”.

When he turned 42, Tim realised he was not happy with his physique, his health, or his fitness.

Not happy at all.

You see, Tim used to be fit. Not just fit, this guy was a machine!

Until 2009, he was actually a mixed martial arts athlete and did competitive cage fights. But in his 40s he barely recognised the body he saw in the mirror.

Despite having PT qualifications and an impressive athletic background, he didn’t know exactly when it had all started to go wrong.

Who Else Wants To Regain Their Health And Fitness?

“It’s not like I’ve always been fat and unfit,” Tim told us.

My training took care of my health for me, and I never really thought too much about it. But I let it slip. I was stuck in a negative spiral – I didn’t want to go back to the gym because I was putting on weight, and the longer I left it, the more weight I put on. Lots of things changed and suddenly I looked up and realised how out of shape I’d got.”

Life happened. Doesn’t it always?

Tim had gone through some tough times – including a divorce, relocation, and his step-dad’s diagnosis with colon cancer. That was the wake up call he needed.

“My four year old wants me to take him swimming and play football with him,” Tim said. “When my step-dad went through surgery for cancer, I realised that could be me. There’s no way I’m going to let that happen to my son just because I let my fitness slip away. I had to get back on track.”

Knowing What To Do Isn’t Enough

Although Tim had a cleaning business, he actually has Personal Training qualifications from his martial arts days.

But he knew he needed someone else to get him back to the gym and keep him there. He was smart enough to realise that – sometimes – just knowing what to do isn’t enough.

“That made me more hacked off with myself,” he said. “I had all the knowledge, but I’d still let myself get to this point! It really wasn’t a pretty sight, and my fitness was holding me back in every day life.”

So Tim contacted us.

“I knew that the one thing getting in the way of going back to the gym was accountability. I had already left it so long. Why would I start going back now? I needed the extra push.”

Joe would meet Tim at his home for training sessions at set days and times. It was the motivation he needed to get back into the groove of training. Tim was back in the game!

“Working with the Joe was the accountability I needed,” said Tim. “Making a public declaration of my goal has always worked for me.”

When you get fit with me, you get far more than just training sessions and help with your diet, as Tim was about to discover.

“It really is like a family,” he said his training sessions. “The atmosphere during sessions is amazing. We laugh so much during training. Yes, it’s hard of course. But such great fun. I saw amazing changes in my body and fitness within weeks. The whole process works, and it works quickly. But it’s sustainable.”

How He Transformed His Body

Tim has now completed his 12-week transformation with us and his stats are staggering. Take a look:

Starting stats: 190 lbs, 23.1% body fat

Mid-way stats: 183 lbs, 21% body fat

End stats: 177 lbs, 15% body fat

In his 12-week transformation, Tim lost 17 lbs body fat and gained 4 lbs all-important muscle, taking his body from 190 lbs to 177 lbs and shedding an incredible 8.1% body fat and 10.5 inches off his body!

What Habits Would You Like To Break?

Life after weight loss is just as important as the journey. I teach clients how to live a fitter, healthier lifestyle all year round.

“So much has changed,” said Tim.

“I’m fitter, lighter, and I eat more of the right stuff. Joe made me realise just how much I had been eating out of habit. Crisps were my downfall, I could easily eat a family size bag without thinking about it. But I haven’t been near a bag of crisps since working with Joe. I can hardly believe it! Habits can be broken and replaced by new ones. If I can do it at 42 then anyone can!”

When you start working with us, we’ll actually go grocery shopping with you to identify habits you’ve slipped into and then help you make better selections. It’s about awareness, small changes, and making the right choices every day. It all adds up.

Tim shed 17lbs of fat. But his mindset has changed, too.

“Life has changed enormously for me since getting in shape with Joe,” said Tim. “What you see on the outside is just the tip of the iceberg. My focus is back, bigger and better than ever. Not just for training and fitness, but for all the passions in my life.”

Strength Inside And Out

Two surprising things happened after Tim transformed his body with us. He didn’t see either of them coming.

“I’ll start with the one which is about fitness,” he laughed.

“I’d always been a power athlete but endurance sport was never my thing. Well, my stamina improved so much that I did a 10K obstacle race two days after my final weigh in! I literally finished with Joe on the Friday, and was running one of those crazy mud runs two days later. It was well out of my comfort zone, but I smashed it!”

And the other change?

“It’s no exaggeration to say that working with Joe actually changed my life completely,” Tim said.

“You know how I said that I had those Personal Training qualifications from years ago? Well, Joe and I would often talk about what inspires and motivates us. He helped me connect with what really matters to me’’.

‘’So… I sold the cleaning business I’ve had since I was 19, and am opening my own Personal Training studio in Camberley. It wasn’t until Joe helped me rediscover my passion that I realised this is what I need to do’’.

The changes to Tim’s mindset are even bigger than his amazing physical changes.

“Fitness helps you overcome hurdles and keep moving forward whatever life throws at you,” he said.

“My mind is so much stronger now. I’m getting more done, wasting less time, and I’m so much more focused – in and out of the gym!”

Ready to see how much you could change your body and mind in just 12 weeks?

Get in touch and let’s discuss your goals!

Coach Joseph Webb.

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