The best ways to exercise during Christmas week


Here we are, heading into Christmas week. For many of us this is the busiest week of the year, with chores and events and family visits rapidly filling the calendar. And it’s also a time when you might feel the biggest need to exercise.

With a bit of outside-the-box thinking, it’s possible to get some effective, calorie-burning workouts in throughout Christmas week. Here’s how.

5 fundamental fitness tips for Christmas week (or any busy week!)

1. Walk more, walk often

2. Move your body every day

3. Home workouts save time

4. 10 minutes is better than nothing

5. Don’t stress (it’s only a few days)

If you’re away for Christmas

Being away from home can make things a little more difficult, but it’s still perfectly possible to keep exercising. Home workouts can be done anywhere – even in a small guest bedroom or hotel room – and you don’t need any equipment. Even the most basic (and unobtrusive) circuit of squats, lunges, press ups and sit ups will get your heart pumping and stimulate your muscles.

If you’re with an active bunch, head out for plenty of walks or see if anyone wants to team up for a run. And if you’re really missing the gym, ask your host if there’s a local gym. You could get an early-morning gym session in and be back home before the rest of the household are up!

If you’ve got family visiting for Christmas

Being the host family can put pressure on your free time, but it’s important to take a little time for yourself. And if exercising is your way of unwinding, then you should honour that.

If you’ve got a garage gym, head out for 20-30 minutes a few times this week to get a short sharp workout in. Try and do it early in the morning so it doesn’t disrupt the festivities. If you’ve got a few bits of workout kit at home, put them in the spare room (or whichever area of the house will be free!) so you can still get some exercise in.

If none of that is possible, make sure you get outside for a walk every day. I know it’s not the same as a proper workout, but walking is great for burning calories, keeping the body moving, and getting some fresh air and sunlight!

If your gym has weird opening hours

If you’re at home over Christmas, you might be planning to keep your normal gym workout schedule. Just be aware that some gyms and leisure centres have limited opening hours (and almost all of them close on Christmas Day itself). Make a note now to check opening hours soon, so you can plan your visits or book your group classes.

If you’re doing most of the organising

The busiest people at Christmas are always the ones doing the most cooking, clearing up, and running about. If that’s you, it’s even more important to carve out some time for exercise. But don’t pile even more pressure on yourself. It doesn’t have to be a strict 30-minute HIIT session or a heavy weights session. Just make sure you take some time to move your body every day. This might mean 10 minutes of yoga, or a half hour walk. It’s important.

If you’re feeling under the weather

There’s a lot of it about… if you’re not feeling great over Christmas week, remove all expectations of working out. Look after yourself, get outside when you can, and walk when you feel up to it. Do some gentle yoga stretches to stop your body from getting too stiff. But concentrate on feeling better over exercise.

Stuck for home workout ideas?

Take a look at my YouTube channel which has dozens of home workouts ranging from 10 minutes upwards. Some need a few basic pieces of gym kit, others are bodyweight only. Plenty to keep you moving over Christmas week!

Coach Joseph Webb.

‘The number one rated Personal Trainer In Henley and Oxfordshire’

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