The best diet for fat loss…

We are a nation of dieters, with recent research from Mintel indicating that 64% of dieters are on some kind of diet “all or most of the time”. (1) Something doesn’t add up. How are so many people unsuccessful at dieting despite spending so much time doing it? Why are some people on a diet most of the time?

The truth is, there’s only one “diet” that works for fat loss. It’s not a brand name, and you can’t buy it in supplements and shake form.

Let’s talk about the reason so many people are on “a diet” for so many years… and what you should do instead.

Diets vs dieting

There’s a difference between Diets-with-a-capital-D and dieting. A Diet is a structured process, often with a brand name, that is marketed with books, products, sometimes even special foods.

On the other hand, dieting is simply the process of eating in a way that helps you reach your goals. We all have a “diet”, since diet means “a way of eating”.

If you have tried numerous Diets, it might be time to discover the fundamentals of dieting so you can create a way of eating that works for you.

The problem with “Diets”

Diets can work, but it’s usually short-lived. They have a low success rate in terms of long-term maintenance. This leads to yo-yo dieting, weight gain, binge eating, and a poor relationship with food – none of which are what you signed up for!

Why does this happen? A few reasons. Diets are not created by you – they are a system built by someone else, and you are expected to slot your life into the rules of the diet. Not a great way to start. They are also unsustainable, often asking you to cut out foods, eat at certain times, or avoid social situations. And Diets don’t really teach you anything. The success of a Diet relies on you being inside the system. Once you come off the Diet, you don’t know how to keep it going.

5 fundamentals of successful fat loss

1. Creates a calorie deficit

A weight loss diet absolutely has to create a calorie deficit – this is how fat loss works. The details (food types, number of meals, timings) don’t matter as long as you have created a calorie deficit that you can sustain.

2. Fits your lifestyle

Your fat loss diet has to fit with your lifestyle, otherwise what’s the point? This includes your food preferences, family set up, work schedule, and appetite.

3. Sustainable long term

Can you see yourself eating this way (with flexibility) for a year or more? That’s the kind of diet you need to create. You may not need to be in the calorie deficit for a long time, but it’s a good idea to create a diet that is so enjoyable and healthy that it benefits your life beyond weight loss.

4. No harsh restrictions

You do need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight. But you do not have to restrict the scope and variety of foods you eat. You can create a calorie deficit eating anything you want (you might just need to eat less of it!) Any diet that has harsh rules around foods, meals, ingredients or macronutrients is not sustainable.

5. Flexible

A good fat loss diet should be flexible enough that you can eat out, cook for friends, have a couple of drinks, go on holiday, or entertain clients without stressing!

How to create the best diet for you

Sick of starting yet another big-named Diet? Want to work out a sustainable, flexible way of eating that drops body fat without misery? It’s definitely doable – this is exactly how I coach my clients.

Get in touch and I can help you create your own personalised fat loss diet.

Coach Joseph Webb.

‘The number one rated Personal Trainer In Henley and Oxfordshire’

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