Shedding 37 lbs in 12 weeks was just the beginning for busy dad Nick

When Nick’s Partner Enrolled Him In Our 12-Week Programme, He Helped To Save His Life

Most of us don’t pay any attention to the ageing process when we’re in our 20s.

But nobody is immune to the passing of time.

The lucky ones get a wake-up call which spurs them into action.

Nick Webster didn’t view his wake-up call as “lucky” when it happened.

He’s here to tell his story with hindsight – a place he nearly didn’t get to enjoy.

“I played a lot of sport until my mid 20s,” says Nick, who’s now 32.

“I was really active, and staying in shape seemed to come naturally.”

But then life happened, and Nick quickly went from sporty 20-something to a busy executive and family man who barely exercised at all.

“When I hit 30, I saw that I was getting bigger” says Nick.

“I realised that you will put on weight if you keep eating and drinking like you did when you were younger. There’s no getting away from it.”

Like most people, Nick just thought he’d get round to tackling the problem at some point. But time was ticking away, and nothing changed.

“Getting fatter was frustrating but I did nothing to change it,” he says.

“I had every excuse under the sun. My body was starting to affect my self confidence. On stag dos by the pool, I had the horrible realisation that I was one of the heaviest guys in our group.”

Nick had started to realise that nobody can stay in shape and defy the odds by some magical process. You have to take action to do something about it.

He knew he had to do something about the creeping weight gain, the tiredness, and the sense of embarrassment about his expanding waistline. But months went by, and nothing had changed.

Then Life Handed Him A Shocking Wake Up Call

Nick was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

It was a stark reminder that there are no guarantees in life.

He quickly resolved to prioritise his health, fitness, and family, becoming more conscious about how he treated his body in the process.

Now fit and fully recovered from his treatment, Nick’s partner surprised him by signing him up to our 12-week body transformation programme.

“The first I knew about it was when I got a welcome email from coach Joe,” says Nick.

“That was followed by an email from my fiancee, explaining that she’d signed me up because I’d been complaining about my weight and fitness for years. She was no doubt bored of me going on about it without doing anything to change.

‘’I was angry with myself for not having done anything about how I felt and realised she had done me a massive favour. I don’t think I would ever have signed up myself. I would never have taken any action at all. I’m so grateful to her.”

Nick didn’t have a weight loss target when he started our 12-week programme. He simply wanted to healthier body, with less body fat and more muscle in all the right places. “It was about health, not looks,” he explains.

As The Results Came, His Confidence Soared

“I started training with Joe at 6am 3 days a week and soon felt great,” says Nick. “His guidance and support throughout the process helped me achieve these results and I’m so happy. Getting in shape is about so much more than losing weight. I realised how much I’d gained during the process.”

When Nick started our 12-week programme, it was the first time he’d set foot inside a gym all year. And it was the first time he’d ever exercised like this, with intensity and motivation that made results happen fast.

“The entire process was life changing,” says Nick. “The intensity of the workouts was a surprise, but so was how I felt: physically tired, but rejuvenated. My memory of gym workouts was feeling challenged. But this left me feeling great for the rest of the day!”

Nick stuck faithfully to our 12-week training and eating plan, which was a large part of his success.

“I am more strong minded after my diagnosis and knew I’d stick to it,” he says, “but I wasn’t sure I’d like it! It was a really enjoyable process and I thrived on my new routine.”

He Shed 37lbs With No Impact On Family Life

“I learned how to make good choices so I could still go out for dinner,” he explains.

“It’s so much more than going on a diet; it’s about learning skills for real life. The food plan worked well with family life. My fiancée was able to eat many of the same things as me, despite being a new mum to a very active baby, because it was all about real, healthy food in proper portions.”

Nick’s old habits changed as he went through the learning process of our 12-week programme.

He started taking lunch into work, replacing mindless habits with healthier choices.

“I always used to grab a sandwich and crisps, go to the canteen, or just eat whatever other people were getting,” he says.

“But taking control of my own food was huge. I still take my lunch into work now, and it’s helping me maintain my weight loss.”

Along the way, Nick learned about portion control, how much food to cook, what his body needs, and how much to feed it.

He discovered some surprising new habits, too.

“Joe got me into listening to audio books about mindset,” says Nick.

“I now regularly listen to them on the way to work and it’s helped me be more productive in every area of my life, and more confident with presenting at work.”

Nick’s 12-Week Transformation

37lbs lost (from 189lbs to 152lbs)

12.5 inches lost (including waist from 39” to 30.5”)

Trouser waist size from a (tight) 34 to a (loose) 32

Body fat from 25.2% to 13.4%

Plus healthy muscle gain

Nick is delighted with the results of his 12-week stint and the resulting good habits and lifestyle changes. And it’s not just his fitness that has improved.

“My confidence in all areas of life has transformed,” he says.

“Yes, I’m leaner and stronger and my body looks a lot better. But I’ve been told I’m an inspiration to other people, including my parents and sister. Colleagues and friends have all asked me how I’ve done it.”

And the story has come full circle, with Nick’s fiancée (who initially signed him up to our programme) signing herself up to our workout sessions.

Life After The Transformation

Nick is still training at 6am, three times a week, even though he’s officially finished his 12 weeks.

“The idea of exercising before work would never have crossed my mind, but it’s a great part of my day now,” he says.

“I am more refreshed at work and feel I’ve got a head start on the day. Before the programme I used to snooze my alarm and get up at the same time as I am coming toward the end of my training.”

“My entire day has a good structure,” he says.

“I’ve replaced bad habits with good ones, and mindless choices with educated decisions about living a healthier lifestyle. I think about what I eat, and I understand how to combine real life with a fitness lifestyle. I only put on a couple of pounds over Christmas this year!”

Getting back into shape and reconnecting with positive habits has reassured Nick that he is still the person he was in his 20s.

“I surprised myself with what I achieved, waking up early to exercise, sticking to a healthy food plan for 12 weeks,” he says. “It’s empowering and has had such a big impact on my confidence.”

It’s never too late to be the person you want to be. Why not get in touch to see how we could help you?

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