Rachel made fat loss easy even with a business and family

Rachel Moffatt Loses Weight and changes her life with Coach Joseph Webb.

Rachel Moffat had always been fit and sporty, so it was a shock when she started getting out of breath at work demonstrating her Paediatric First Aid courses.

With our help, Rachel reached her goal of feeling confident in a bikini on her family’s first holiday.

Why Our Approach Worked, When Nothing Else Had

“Before I had kids, I’d been very sporty,” says Rachel.

“Team sports didn’t just keep me fit, they were an important part of my social life.

But any Mum will know how difficult it is to keep that going once you have children!”

After Rachel had her first child and went back to work, she struggled to fit in gym workouts let alone team sports training in the evenings.

“I realised I just couldn’t do my team sports any more,” she says,

“so I started going to the gym.

But I didn’t really enjoy it, and that lack of motivation showed.

The gym really wasn’t working for me.”

2 Children And A New Business

Just 21 months after her first baby, Rachel gave birth to her daughter, and launched her own business when she was just 3 months old.

“This left me with even less time than I had before!” she laughs.

“I literally had no time for me.”

The turning point came when Rachel realised how unfit she had become.

Not Feeling Like ‘You’ Is Really Depressing

“I was delivering one of my paediatric first aid courses to parents,” she says, “and was getting out of breath just sitting down and standing up!

It was shocking, and knew I had to tackle my health and fitness before it got worse.

I felt a world away from the woman who had played hockey and lacrosse!

My clothes no longer fit me, and I couldn’t wear anything nice.

I didn’t feel athletic or sporty – all those words I’d always associated with.

I just didn’t feel like myself, and that’s a depressing way to be.”

Rachel Tried Her Best To Tackle The Problem

She joined Slimming World, but couldn’t stick to their way of doing things.

“Once I get bored with something, that’s it – I’m off the wagon,” she says.

“I knew I needed to find something that would challenge me and keep me focused, but fit in with my very busy life.”

Accountability Is Key

Rachel soon realised one thing was missing – support and motivation.

Diets and gym sessions are all well and good, but unless you feel truly supported by someone who cares about your progress, it’s easy to give up.

“I was a cliche Mum, nibbling at the kids’ food and always making excuses about why I couldn’t start sorting myself out,” she says.

“The one thing I needed was accountability to a real person.

Groups and plans are fine, but there’s nobody to check in with.

That’s what I needed.”

The Turning Point

As her daughter got a little older, Rachel found herself with more time (and financial flexibility) to really pursue her fitness goals.

“It felt like the right time to focus on me again,” she says,

“and I knew I had to be a bit selfish.

That’s not a bad thing – you can’t keep looking after everyone else if you don’t look after yourself first!”

Before Joe, I Didn’t Like What I Saw In The Mirror

“I’d always had quite a toned tummy – it was my favourite body part before kids!” she says.

“But now I had that flabby Mummy-tummy, and I just felt out of shape.

I’ll never be skinny, and I don’t want to be.

I just wanted to tone up, fit back into my clothes, and feel athletic again.

“I knew if I toned up, I’d get my old self back again, stop hiding away, and regain that sparkle I think all Mums lose!”

Rachel also had a far-off goal – of feeling confident in a bikini when she went on her first family holiday this Summer.

I told her it was all possible – and explained how we would achieve it.

Our Consultation – What Have You Got To Lose?

Rachel read one of our client transformation stories on Facebook and decided to reach out.

“I usually read these things thinking ‘that’s too good to be true’, but something about Joe was different,” she says. “I believed him, and knew I had to give it a go myself.

So we met up for a one hour consult and decided to work together

As it turned out, Rachel lost weight, inches, and that “Mummy-tummy” during her time with us…but that’s getting ahead of ourselves!

Why We’re Different

Rachel wasn’t prepared to sign up for yet another gym, spending all that money and not going.

“I needed someone who could come to me, fit around my busy life, and hold me accountable,” she says.

Rachel trained with me for six weeks in total.

I went to her house once a week, and designed a different session every time.

Between training sessions, she did an online programme which I put together just for her, with explainer videos and personalised workouts.

“Joe’s videos are great because I can do them whenever I need to,” says Rachel.

“There’s no set day or time, so I never feel as though I’ve missed it so I might as well skip it.

I can always get it done”.

Everything With Joe Is Truly One-On-One

“You can’t lose yourself like in a group setting, and the accountability works because he’s so kind and caring.

He is always there for you, but he makes sure you get results too!”

We Go The Extra Mile (She Didn’t Expect This!)

One of our Personal Training services blew Rachel away – but it’s something we do for all our clients.

“Joe even accompanied me on my regular supermarket shop!” she says.

“I knew a lot about healthy eating, but I’d slipped into bad habits.

He helped me make better choices, showed me some clever little tricks, and introduced me to more vegetables and salads.

I was really astounded at that level of service – I don’t know any other Personal Trainer who goes grocery shopping with you!”

Rachel’s Results

Over the coaching process, Rachel enjoyed our short, intense style of workouts which freed up so much time for her busy life.

We trained once a week together and then she did just three sessions by herself every week.

“I was happy to discover an effective style of training that didn’t mean hours in the gym,” she says.

“Food went back to basics and I really enjoyed eating so much fresh, healthy food.

I usually fall off the wagon at around the 4-week mark, but I found Joe’s approach so sustainable that I’m still doing it – and can’t see myself changing!”

Back To Her Old Self

Training with us has helped kickstart Rachel’s exercise and diet habits – and she’s feeling like her sporty self again.

“The changes have been amazing,” she says.

“I feel more energised, I don’t get out of breath, and I’m much more toned up.

I’m back into some clothes I haven’t worn for a while, and I no longer go clothes shopping for things that will cover me up! I just feel better about myself in general.

I enjoy exercise again, and I realise how much I’d missed that feeling!”

And, yes, Rachel wore her dream bikini on that family holiday – and felt confident about it!

Is It Time To Get Back To You?

Working with us has given Rachel something that is just for her (although it’s had a positive effect on her family!)

“I’m doing this for me,” she explains, “after all, I am a whole person – not just Mum and work!

“And it’s triggered off a lot of changes.

I now want to do a few more things for me, like catch up with old friends, and find a hobby that’s not my work.

Taking charge of my health and fitness has made me more energised and confident in all areas of my life.

“Joe is so positive and understanding.

He has young kids, so he understands what it’s really like.

He’s kind, compassionate, and knows how to adapt training sessions so I still push myself without feeling overwhelmed.

His methods work. I’m so glad I decided to get in touch!”

If you feel it’s time to invest in your health and happiness, get in touch as Rachel did.

Coach Joseph Webb.

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