Online fitness coaching as a coping strategy for carer Michelle


Michelle is a Mum of four, and a full-time carer to her 32-year-old son.

Fitness Has Always Been A Valuable And Enjoyable Outlet

But she had never found a Personal Trainer who truly understood the kind of support she needed – until now.

Michelle and I have known each other for a long time, but it wasn’t until last year that she approached me for support with her fitness and nutrition.

During the first lockdown, Michelle started using my free online home workouts.

Then she decided to reach out for some extra support.

“I’ve got a heart complaint, and both of my parents died of heart issues,” she explains.

“I was gaining weight due to lockdown and knew I had to be healthier.

“I’ve always respected Joe’s approach to fitness over the years. When I contacted him, I said I needed a coach I could get along with. Joe is fantastic – understanding, compassionate, unfailingly supportive.”

Fitness Coaching With Compassion

I believe lifelong habit change happens when a person feels motivated and encouraged.

I do everything I can to understand each client’s individual circumstances so I can offer the best support. My approach was exactly what Michelle needed.

“My family life really isn’t easy,” Michelle explains, “and I was finding it hard to keep the weight off. My husband is a bit of a foodie, my son needs round-the-clock care, and the lockdown has been no help!”

Michelle knew she’d make better progress with a plan – and accountability. What she didn’t expect was how our coaching relationship would turn into a supportive outlet that gave her space and time to focus on herself.

Long-Term Fitness Transformation Starts With Life-Coaching

“Joe’s approach is so much more than fitness and nutrition,” she says.

“He has a knack for getting you to think about other aspects of life”

”We started by doing a lot around life coaching which brought out things that I knew needed attention but couldn’t pinpoint”

“I have a lot to deal with on a daily basis, and Joe’s coaching has been invaluable at helping me cope better. I now wake up feeling stronger, happier, and more resilient.”

Michelle wanted a slow, steady approach to weight loss that would last. She was fed up with quick-fix plans and yo-yo dieting.

So far, she has lost a stone – but more importantly, she feels strong, happy, and calmly in control.

Positive Encouragement For Long-Term Results

“Before working with Joe, I would fall off the wagon or give up completely,” says Michelle. “I know I won’t do that with Joe’s support. I’m enjoying the process, and I trust him.”

At the start, I was teaching Michelle her exercise technique and introducing her to weight training.

I now write Michelle monthly training plans with videos and plenty of support via WhatsApp.

“Joe understands that I need support and encouragement,” says Michelle.

“He never makes me do anything and has never once made me feel bad about anything. This is exactly the type of coaching I need at this point in my life.

“Joe is more than a fitness coach to me. He’s a mentor, an accountability partner, a source of positive and friendly support. Getting a message just asking how my week has been shows that he cares.”

Coaching For Health, Fitness, And A Healthy Mindset

“I’m doing this for health and my mindset,” Michelle explains. “Exercise gives me a purpose – it’s one hour of my day that is mine – and having Joe on my side gives me extra motivation.”

Michelle knows you don’t always need to set a huge goal in order to make life-changing progress. It’s OK to take things week by week. With the right support, the change will happen.

“For me, slow progress is the best approach,” she says. “I’m feeling stronger, more motivated, and much happier in every aspect of my life.”

My style of coaching offers true support for every area of your life.

If that sounds good, drop me a line to see how I can help you!

Coach Joseph Webb.

‘The number one rated Personal Trainer In Henley and Oxfordshire’

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