Mum of 4 Rebecca reached weight goal within 90 days

Rebecca White had tried everything to shift the unwanted weight and get fit, but nothing seemed to stick. Low-fat, the 5:2 diet, cutting calories…it all worked for a short while, then Rebecca found herself back at square one. And with 4 kids and a busy schedule, Rebecca didn’t need the extra stress of constantly thinking about how to lose weight.

We worked together for 12 weeks doing 1-to-1 online coaching, and Rebecca is slimmer and fitter than ever. What made the difference this time? She explains how a combination of small changes, consistency, and accountability helped her learn how to lose weight for good.

“I hate to say I’d let myself go,” Rebecca said, “but that’s the truth. I’ve got four children, ranging from 10 to 20. They were my priority, and I just wasn’t putting myself first.”

Over the years, Rebecca had slipped into negative eating habits and sporadic attempts at exercise. She had been stuck in a cycle of under-eating, feeling exhausted, and battling cravings.

She knew the best thing for long-term results is a healthy routine, but she simply didn’t know where to start. And with menopause around the corner, she knew it was now or never.

“At 50, I was aware it was time to lose the weight and make healthy habits part of my daily life,” said Rebecca. “I hadn’t succeeded in doing it by myself, so when a friend recommended Joe and his online coaching package, I got in touch.”

My online coaching is every bit as detailed as my work with face-to-face clients. I took time to understand Rebecca’s commitments and lifestyle, as well as the things she’d tried in the past.

She shared her health issues, and I designed a training plan that would strengthen rather than make them worse.

Rebecca didn’t just want to lose weight and be fitter, she wanted to model healthy habits and behaviours for her children. In particular, she wanted to get off the merry-go-round of dieting, learn to eat healthily, and become the sort of person who enjoys regular exercise.

“I had done a lot of diets in the past, but it was clear I was doing something wrong,” said Rebecca. “I didn’t want to waste any more time or headspace trying to figure it out. Joe immediately put me at ease and showed me how a more personalised and educational approach would work. For the first time in a long time, I felt hopeful rather than discouraged.”

Two days after our initial phone call, Rebecca had some urgent medical issues. But she felt calmer and more confident, knowing that she was about to start a personalised coaching plan with regular 1-to-1 contact.

During her 12 weeks of coaching, Rebecca exercises 5 days a week. She followed specific sessions that I designed for her schedule, her preferences, and any health issues.

“I thought 5 days a week would be hideous,” she said, “and whilst it was hard at first I really enjoyed it.”

For the nutrition side of the coaching, I coached Rebecca through food choices, portion sizes, healthy cooking ideas, and mindset shifts away from classic diet-restriction.

“Joe showed me how to choose healthy, nutritious foods that actually fill you up so you don’t have to constantly think about eating less,” she said. “I was eating more than I ever imagined whilst losing weight. And the food I was eating was much nicer than what I had been eating before!”

Like many people, Rebecca hadn’t been eating enough protein, and this simple change helped her manage cravings, feel full from meals, and build a stronger, slimmer body.

Before the 12 weeks was up, Rebecca had hit her 8 stone 10 lbs weight goal. She had also integrated lifelong healthy habits into her busy days, including meal planning, healthy cooking, and short exercise sessions.

“Joe was always so encouraging,” she said. “He was always on hand to answer questions, make changes to my plan, or keep me on track if I had a wobble. The changes in 12 weeks have been amazing, but the most important thing is that I know I can sustain the changes. And that means I’ll sustain the results.”

Rebecca now feels in control of her body rather than being at the mercy of hormones, hunger, and stress. She has more energy and feels younger. She’s escaped the nagging sense of disappointment that had been hanging over her for so long, and feels free to live her life as the fit, strong, healthy person she always wanted to be.

“It gives me such self-confidence to know that I’ve done this,” she said. “Joe helped me get into a routine for 12 weeks, and I know I can keep going. I never want to change how I feel now.”

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