How does a “transformation coach” eat at Christmas?

This time of year poses a challenge to a healthy routine – especially if you’re losing weight or trying to maintain weight loss. Ever wondered how health and fitness coaches eat over Christmas?

Well, it’s not all steamed sprouts and dry turkey meat, that’s for sure. We enjoy treats, festive foods, special meals, and alcohol. But we’ve learned a lot about how to minimise the damage of Christmas week, and make it as healthy as possible (without taking away any of the fun!)

A healthier Christmas looks like this:

Pause and think

It’s very easy to overeat on foods you don’t really like at Christmas. The simple action of pausing and thinking “do I really want this?” might save you hundreds of calories. 

Choose your treats

Enjoy the things you really like, and don’t bother with the foods you don’t actually enjoy. For example, I know someone who doesn’t like mince pies (I know – sacrilege). So she just doesn’t eat them! Easy.

You can say no

Remember, you are not obliged to eat and drink everything on offer over the festive period. Keep your goals in mind and stay true to your values.

Load up on healthy

The Christmas meal itself is actually pretty healthy (it’s a glorified roast), so load up on vegetables and lean meat. Take less of the high-calorie sauces, sides, and extras.

No mindless eating

Most of the excess calories over Christmas come from food you won’t even remember eating: a handful of this, a slice of that. Try to be more mindful and intentional.

Drink water

Water will fill you up, help your body digest all the food, and keep you feeling healthier and lighter. Keep drinking 2 litres a day.

Stay active

One of the best things you can do for your body and mind is to stay active and avoid sitting around for long periods. Get outside for walks to boost sluggish digestion, burn calories, and keep you away from food for a bit.

Short home workouts

You can always fit in a workout, even if you only have 15 minutes to yourself on busy days. Check out my YouTube for plenty of ideas. Just keep your body moving and you’ll feel much healthier.

Coach Joseph Webb.

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