After A Car Accident Left Her Unable To Walk, Crystal Needed A PT Who Wouldn’t Give Up On Her

Crystal Harrison was an active woman whose passion was salsa dancing.

But a car accident left her unable to walk without pain.

Salsa seemed to belong to another lifetime.

Crystal describes how difficult it was to find a Personal Trainer who would take her on… until she found us. (Spoiler alert: she’s dancing again!)

The car accident changed everything, says Crystal. There were severe physical injuries, as you might expect. But the emotional damage took longer to heal.

I sustained a labral tear in my hip, and had to keep my weight off that leg for a very long time.

Physical recovery was incredibly slow, and I went from being an outgoing woman who loved exercise, to depressed and housebound with no social life.

Salsa dancing had been Crystal’s favourite form of exercise.

It was her social circle and her friendship group.

All Of A Sudden, She Could Barely Walk

Crystal slowly learned to bear weight on her leg. “After two years of physio, I needed to figure out how to cope with my injuries and move on with life,” she says.

Starting Again

“Before the accident, I’d been a big fan of HIIT training,” she says. “But I had been told I could never get on a bike again.

I wasn’t eating well, and I’d piled on the weight. It felt like I was back to zero, and didn’t know how to get started again.”

So she began looking for a Personal Trainer who could work with her injuries, fears, and worries to get her strong again.

But she didn’t expect to get knocked back again and again.

Choose Your Online Trainer Wisely

I know I was a challenging client, but I didn’t expect so many fitness trainers to turn me down flat,” she says.

“I guess their programmes were so rigid that they couldn’t accommodate my type of injury”

“Joe was completely different.

He offered to meet me face-to-face (which was a first!) Joe was understanding, patient, and interested in me.

He asked me to go back to my specialist to get clearance to exercise, and then he took all of that information and did tons of his own research.

In fact, I would say that Joe gave me more help than my own medical team ever did.”

Crystal wanted to achieve lots of things from Personal Training (which is probably why those cut-and-paste fitness plans weren’t right for her).

She wanted to change her body, lose weight, and shape up after all of that enforced rest and recuperation.

But she also needed her confidence back. And that’s where we knew we could really help.

Regaining Control & Rebuilding Confidence

“I had lost my social life, my confidence, and a big part of my personality,” admits Crystal.

“I wanted to get back out there, but I was worried about being knocked over.

Joe helped me build my strength and stability, and also my confidence and character!”

Crystal first reached out to us in April, and started training with us a few months later after getting clearance from her medical team.

It was clear that Crystal needed a personalised approach, so she could exercise at her own pace. Our small group training sessions weren’t right for her, so Joe devised an individual 12-week training plan that could be done at home.

Our Style Of Training Was An Eye-Opener

“When I got my plan, I was apprehensive,” she says.

“I automatically assumed my legs wouldn’t be strong enough.

But Joe had done so much research, and included lots of physio exercises (more than I’d been given by my medical team!)

He was easy to get hold of it I needed encouragement or an alternative exercise.”

But before Crystal knew it, she was doing jump rope and box jumps – challenging exercises that built her strength and her confidence.

“Joe helped me totally rethink exercise and nutrition,” says Crystal.

“He showed me how to make small changes to everyday habits which have become second nature.

His style of training and diet is very easy to follow and he was always there to show me how to make it work for my lifestyle.”

Crystal now has a different mindset about food, portion sizes, and so-called “cheat days”.

She is eating fresh, healthy food and even preps her food for the entire week.

Crystal’s transformation has been incredible, and her physical changes are just the start.

Crystal’s Transformation: The Numbers

After 12 weeks with Joseph Webb, Crystal has lost over 20kgs.

She has gone from 38.7% body fat to an astounding 21.9% body fat

And she’s dropped from a size 16 to a size 10.

“The biggest confidence boost was when I went shopping for new clothes!

I haven’t been a size 10 since I was in my late teens.”

Don’t forget that all of this was done with home workouts and sustainable healthy nutrition changes: no gym, no intense cardio, and no fad diet.

Crystal’s Transformation: The Confidence

In 12 weeks, Crystal has blossomed from a woman who was worried about losing her balance to a salsa-dancing again.

Her body is strong, fit, and agile, and her mindset is solid and confident.

“I don’t even think about my injury now,” she says.

“I haven’t been this confident in years. I’m so pleased with how much I challenged myself.

Joe was there every day to make sure I was OK, but to push me on as well.

“I feel physically fantastic.

I can now walk with no pain, and I’ve even started walking dogs at a local rescue centre, which had added so much joy to my life.

And, yes, I’m getting back into salsa! I’ve really missed it. I’ve got my social life back.”

The Biggest Change?

Crystal’s major transformation has nothing to do with dress size, body fat, or fitness.

It all stems from her confidence levels.

She has set up her own business.

“This entire 12-week process has been such a confidence boost that I have completely changed how I work,” she says.

“I now run my own business.

There’s no way I would have even dreamed of doing that before working with Joe.

“The physical changes have given me a sense of control and put me in such a strong frame of mind.

I was depressed for such a long time after my accident, but getting fit with Joe has shown me that nothing is inevitable.

You can change your situation, however hard it might seem.

“I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t found Joe!

The most important thing for me was finding the right Personal Trainer who understood my challenges and was prepared to help me.

I Now Have The Tools/Skills That I Can Use For Life

I’m fitter, stronger, and looking better than ever. I’ve set up my own business, and motivated family members to get fit.

Life is 100 times better! I know I can take risks and I’m looking forward to pushing myself in more challenges. Thank you, Joe.”

If life has knocked you down and you don’t know how to get started, please reach out to us.

We will take time to understand your situation and research the best way to help you get fitter, stronger, and healthier again.

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