Alex drops 20kg and is fitter than ever

Jet and Alex success stories of Coach Joseph Webb
Alex (Right) With his partner Jet and their dog Como

When Alex Wilson returned to the UK after 11 years in Singapore, the transition into a new job left him with little time to exercise.

Then lockdown brought a pattern of poor lifestyle habits. This is the story of how he lost 20kgs and got in better shape than ever.

“I had always been lean child,” says Alex.

“When I moved to Singapore for work, I joined a gym and worked with a Personal Trainer for the first time in my life.

We focused on “bulking up”, and I took to it a little too well.

I successfully built a nice amount of muscle, but it was covered in padding… I was never taught how to eat and exercise to stay lean and muscular.”

When Alex came back to the UK in early 2018, he still had eating habits that suited a classic bulking-up process.

It soon became clear that he was no longer being active enough to warrant that amount of food, and didn’t really know how to eat a truly healthy diet.

Tackling Lockdown Lifestyle Habits

“When the first lockdown hit, all my bad habits compounded,” says Alex.

“Suddenly I was completely sedentary, drinking too often, and eating too much of the wrong foods. I put on more weight.”

For the first time in his life, Alex’s clothes were too tight.

“I resorted to baggy, elasticated clothes,” he says, “but you can’t hide a chubby face! My face was round and puffy.”

The final straw came when Alex and his partner went to collect their new puppy, and took a photo of the dog on Alex’s lap.

“The puppy was lying on my belly,” he says, “using it like a shelf. Seeing that photo was the turning point for me – enough was enough!”

A Local Coach With Face-To-Face Services

Alex was keen to work with a local coach who would be able to deliver face-to-face support during lockdown.

During our first conversation, I explained that my transformation coaching goes far beyond training sessions and workouts at the client’s home.

Alex knew he’d found a coach who would help him identify his habits and decision, to embed new and lifelong habits for a healthy body.

He and his partner wanted to go through my coaching programme together, but they both had different goals.

Alex wanted to get back into good shape (“trim but not super lean”) and Jet was keen to really go for it and get into single figures of body fat.

No problem: my coaching is bespoke.

“Joe’s approach was a revelation,” says Alex.

“It was the first time I’ve been able to tackle weight loss and building strength at the same time. I didn’t think it was possible!”

Alex’s Transformation In Numbers

It’s definitely possible – and Alex’s results during his time with me show it.

In a 12-week coaching block, he lost 20kgs of fat, lost the belly, and regained his jawline!

“It was clear from the start that Joe’s approach is holistic and all-encompassing,” says Alex (who was speaking with some other coaches before he signed up with me).

“He’s warm and engaging and understands the demands of daily life.

His style of coaching isn’t cut and paste, he works with you to find an approach that will work for you – and keep working in the future.”

Fat Loss Nutrition Without Giving Up Foods You Love

Alex learned to track calories, using technology to build awareness about his personal calorie and macro numbers.

This means he can make smarter decisions about food and still eat the things he enjoys.

“Joe introduced me to his 80/20 rule,” Alex explains.

“Combined with calorie tracking, this helped me lose 20kgs without banning or giving up any foods.

I just learned to make better, more informed choices.”

Alex stayed motivated throughout the 12 weeks by watching his bodyweight come down and his training progress go up.

“Joe strikes the perfect balance between being relaxed and understanding, and pushing you to achieve more,” says Alex.

“I could see my progress every week using Joe’s app and that really motivated me to keep going.

He also used to bring a plastic piece of “fat”, representing the amount I had lost each week.

It was incredible to think that I had been carrying that around!”

Alex has now lost 20kgs (and his partner achieved his own goal of single-digit body fat) but he’s keen to keep going.

We will continue to work together in a modified coaching capacity so he can reach his new goal, then find maintenance.

New Habits For Lifelong Progress

“I feel very comfortable with the routine and habits Joe has taught me,” says Alex. “I know how to choose nutritious foods, and I have a new appreciation for what I eat.

I’m fitter than I’ve ever been, and Joe has taught me how to train for fat loss and strength.

I feel stronger, more energised, and have a new zest for life.”

Alex has his sights set on a new goal and knows that with a little more support from me he can get there.

“I’ve never met a coach who could get me this far,” he says.

“I want to keep working with Joe to see what I can achieve.

After that, I know he’ll help me find a new balance so I can maintain a healthy, lean body for life.”

Are you looking for results like Alex? Apply for my coaching services today.

Coach Joseph Webb.

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