5 Ways to get a great workout when it’s raining (no gym required)

Dark evenings and rainy weather – it’s not easy to maintain your exercise mojo in October! But with some expert tips and a little planning, you can keep the momentum going til Spring. This blog is full of great rainy day workout ideas.

The UK climate means we sometimes have to endure days upon days of rain. If you’re a fan of outdoor exercise, this can really threaten your training momentum. What do you do when even the dog refuses to go outside? I’ve got 5 suggestions for working around rainy season so you can stay fit and reap all the rewards of regular exercise.


One of my favourite forms of training is HIIT (high intensity interval training). HIIT workouts are short, tough, and very effective. And best of all, you don’t need any equipment! You can get an amazing HIIT session with just your own body weight. If you’ve got a home gym, you’ll be able to add sprints on cardio equipment or short bursts of dumbbell or kettlebell work.

Check out my YouTube for dozens of great home HIIT sessions (ranging from bodyweight to equipment).

Cardio machine (but make it effective)

Have you got a treadmill, indoor bike, ski erg, or rowing machine at home? Perfect. You can get an amazing rainy day workout using just one piece of cardio equipment. But don’t just crank out 30 minutes of steady one-pace work. Make your cardio session work harder by doing interval training – like this 20-minute session for the treadmill.


– warm up on the treadmill (walk/jog) for 4 minutes

– set the treadmill to 11kph, 11% incline

– run for 15 seconds

– jump to the sides of the treadmill (straddling the belt) and rest 15 seconds

– keep doing 15s on/15s off for 11 minutes

– bring the speed down and jog/walk for 5 minutes

Hit the sports centre

When’s the last time you visited your local leisure centre? It’s easy to forget just how many exercise options you can choose from (for a very reasonable one-off cost). Book a squash court, play a few games of badminton, go for a swim, or try climbing. Challenge yourself with a form of exercise you haven’t done for years and have a laugh with friends or family!

Online exercise class

The past 18 months have seen a boom in online workouts and exercise classes. You can go online and find a huge range of live or on-demand workouts led by inspiring and motivating instructors from around the world (or just up the road!) This is a great way to get a rainy day workout in without leaving the house. Sweat it out with a HIIT workout, build muscle with resistance training, do some yoga… the options are endless.

Run in the rain

If you really want to get outside, make sure you stay safe. My suggestion is running or fast walking rather than cycling or doing anything that involves equipment. Dress for the weather, avoiding cotton and adding a waterproof outer layer for a longer run. A cap is a good idea for keeping rain out of your face. Don’t wear black and consider wearing something reflective so motorists can see you. And remember to dry your shoes properly when you get back, or they’ll still be soaked next time you want to go out!

Motivation tips for rainy day workouts

Endlessly rainy days might leave you feeling lazy and sluggish, or wound up and trapped in the house. Even more reason to get a rainy day workout done.

1. Remember that exercise releases endorphins which interact with receptors in your brain to reduce feelings of stress, pain, and low mood and trigger positive feelings

2. You’ll never regret a workout! After a short training session you’ll feel accomplished and proud of yourself

3. You’re stuck inside anyway, so you may as well exercise – it’s just 30 minutes of your day

4. Doing a workout on a rainy day will replace some of the steps you’ll miss out on by not being outside

5. Any kind of exercise session will help you sleep better and feel more rested the next day

My style of coaching is completely personalised to help you make real progress no matter what life throws at you. Get in touch if you’d like to work with a health and fitness coach who understands your life and routine.

Coach Joseph Webb.

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