What Kids Can Teach Us About Healthy Living

We can all learn a lot from the children in our lives. Whether or not you’re a parent, I’m sure you’ve benefitted from the wisdom of little ‘uns. Here’s the healthy living tips I’ve gleaned from little Coach Grayson and mini Coach Felix…

Don’t make a big deal of “being active”

My kids are whirlwinds of energy. They rarely sit down – they prefer to jump, hop, leap, climb and clamber. As a result, they never have to “think about” going for a walk or getting their steps in. How can you adopt more of that unconsciously-active mindset?

Play > exercise

Kids don’t exercise. They play, do games, have a kick about. I think this attitude of play is absolutely inspiring. If us adults played more, we’d get all our exercise in without thinking about it! How can you reintroduce more joyful play into your days?

Decompress from stress

My kids aren’t shy about showing their feelings. And that’s a great thing. We encourage our boys to talk about emotions and let it all out. As a result, they don’t overeat or snack out of frustration or hurt. They just….feel their feelings. Can you take anything from that?

Stop eating when you’ve had enough

Kids absolutely do overeat (birthday parties, anyone?) But it’s not a common theme. Almost all children have a good awareness of their hunger and appetite cues. They eat when they’re hungry and tend to stop when they’ve had enough. Can you tap into your true hunger and fullness without judgement?

Food isn’t a reward

Kids don’t naturally gravitate to food as a reward or a soother. We introduce that idea! If you’re one of the many adults who eats because of emotions, can you find other ways to deal with your feelings (play, perhaps?)

Never stop exploring

Children are inspiring in their ongoing quest to ask more, discover more, and learn more. Many of my high-achieving clients share this mindset – it’s what makes them successful. How can you cultivate a growth-mindset in daily life?

Coach Joseph Webb

“The number one rated Personal Trainer In Henley and Oxfordshire’

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