Nichola used nutrition and exercise to help send her disease into remission

Nichola Johnson shares her experience working with Coach Joseph Webb
Nichola Johnson

Nichola had been diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, an auto-immune disease that can be made much worse by dieting or exercising too much. 

It was not surprising that with thyroid medication in the mix she couldn’t seem to lose those final 10lbs.

This is how we managed to balance fat loss and health so Nichola reached her goal – and put her Graves’ Disease into remission.

“My diagnosis was a real blow,” Nichola explains.

sport had always been such an important part of my life, but suddenly I had to adapt almost everything around this auto-immune issue.”

Due to the effects of Graves’ Disease, Nichola had to stop playing hockey at the level she enjoyed, whilst she got the Graves Disease under control.

She felt lost, not knowing how much exercise she could do or even if her fat loss goal was achievable.

Nichola knew her auto-immune disease could be improved through healthy habits and lifestyle changes.

But with so little research about managing Graves’ Disease through lifestyle and nutrition available, she was unable to form a plan.

“I wasn’t really overweight,” she says, “but after having two kids I was heavier than I wanted to be. When I got my diagnosis I worried I would never be able to manage my weight.”

Whilst Graves Disease causes weight loss, the medication that Nichola was on had resulted in further weight gain. 

Nichola came across me via the wonders of Facebook and knew she had found the one Personal Trainer who might be able to help.

Not just Personal Training – complete lifestyle support

“I had worked with a few PTs in the past but we never worked together to set specific goals, we simply trained” she says.

“I needed a lot more, a coach who would take ownership of the entire journey.

“During my first conversation with Joe, I knew I had found the person who could help me. My immediate impression was that he’s very knowledgeable. He made a commitment to my goal. I knew I wouldn’t be walking the journey on my own.”

Nichola had two clear goals.

To lose that final 10lbs that had been stubbornly hanging around despite her own best efforts.

And to get her Graves’ Disease into remission. She was convinced it could be done through better lifestyle habits and good nutrition – but she didn’t know-how.

It was my mission to find out!

“I really wanted to get back to how I’d felt before I became a Mum,” she says. “I needed to reclaim my body and my health”.

”Working with Joe felt like giving Graves’ Disease the middle finger and showing it that it can’t get the better of me!”

Nichola had a compelling reason to tackle her disease through nutrition and exercise.

The main treatment for the condition is taking a radioactive iodine pill (needing to isolate for a week) and then being on the drug Thyroxine for life.

Controlling health issues with diet, exercise, and stress management

“I have never been a dieter,” says Nichola,

“I needed an approach I could stick with forever. Joe’s methodology is based on science. His knowledge is above and beyond any other Personal Trainer I’ve ever come across.”

Nichola took her journey seriously from day one, and I was there alongside her during our face-to-face training sessions, on the phone, and via message whenever she needed me.

Personalised training sessions for mind and body

Coach Joseph Webb works privately with clients in Henley On Thames and the surrounding areas.

As with all my clients, Nichola’s training sessions were completely personalised.

We focused not just on fat loss, but on improving her strength on the hockey pitch so she could return to her beloved sport a better and more confident player.

The lightbulb moment for Nichola came when we discussed macronutrients, not calories. She realised that she had never really eaten enough carbohydrate (to fuel her) or protein (to build lean muscle).

I helped her learn how to eat a more balanced diet that would enable fat loss without putting her body under more stress.

“Joe absolutely goes above and beyond anything I could have expected,” says Nichola.

“He took it upon himself to do tons of research into Graves’ Disease. He even turned up one day with a wonderful bag of goodies that would support my health. Where else would you get that kind of thoughtful treatment?”

Nichola’s transformation in numbers

Start of 12 weeks Nichola had a body fat percentage of 21.1% and her waist was 28.5 inches.

At the end of 12 weeks, Nichola’s body fat was down to 16%, and she lost 2 inches off her waist and 3.5 inches off her hips!

Nichola is now stronger, fitter, and hugely confident not just in her physique but in her health.

Her Graves’ Disease is in remission, and she knows exactly what to do should it ever flare up again.

“I now have the tools and skills to reduce the amount of stress my body is under,” she explains, “so unavoidable life stress is the only thing my health has to contend with. Joe has helped me develop a strategy for long-term health.”

Reclaiming control after a health diagnosis

Nichola has gone from getting a life-limiting diagnosis, to being two dress sizes smaller and returning to the hockey pitch with more confidence!

“Joe is the Personal Trainer I was destined to meet,” she says. “He’s helped me identify my patterns and be kinder to myself, so healthy eating and exercise are a natural part of my life.”

Need help getting your health back on track? Get in touch today and let’s discuss how I can help.

Coach Joseph Webb.

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