Maria lost 2 stone in just 12 weeks with online coaching

Maria Watters shares
Maria Watters shares her experience working with Coach Joseph Webb

Maria Watters is the definition of a busy woman, working 12 hour days in a high pressured corporate job. At 53, she thought the weight gain was something she had to live with. And how could she find the time to lose weight, anyway? This is how Maria lost an astonishing two stone in 12 weeks – with virtual workouts and online coaching.

Maria’s busy lifestyle will be familiar to lots of you. In the office by 7am (no time for breakfast) for 12 hours sat at a desk in a stressful environment. Back at home, Maria would pour a glass of wine to unwind whilst cooking, and enjoy another glass with her meal.

“I didn’t see how I could have the time or motivation to lose weight,” she says, “and we are told to expect weight gain in our 50s, so I lost any hope of being slim again.”

So many women are fed the narrative that menopause has to mean weight gain, lack of energy, and a loss of self-confidence. But the truth is, you can be slim, fit, and shining with vitality in your 50s – as Maria’s story proves!

Weight gain and loss of energy left Maria feeling invisible

“I was shocked when I looked in the mirror – is this really what I’ve ended up looking like?” says Maria. “I couldn’t walk uphill without getting out of breath. I wanted to play with my granddaughter, but struggled to even carry her.”

Along with the physical issues, Maria had lost her spark and felt sluggish. She felt herself shrinking back into the woodwork. Something had to change, but Maria just couldn’t see how it could happen with such a busy schedule.

She’d tried it all (but discovered the missing puzzle piece)

Like many of my clients, Maria had tried Paleo, Atkins, shakes, and even a stint of veganism in a bid to get slimmer. But all that happened was the inevitable response to restriction – cravings, and throwing in the towel.

Maria reached out to discuss my online 12-week Weight Loss Mastery online coaching.

“At last I found something that was designed to work with a busy lifestyle,” she says. “The nutrition side of the programme is flexible, and the workouts are all done via video. I could do them any time of the day, whenever I had a break.”

The online programme with a face-to-face feel

What made a difference for Maria was the experience of working so closely with a coach.

“Even though it’s virtual, Joe is so responsive you feel like he is there with you,” she explains. “The training videos are brilliant, Joe explains everything and is so motivating.

“And the communication is another level. Joe is patient and understanding, and kept me on track when I had a wobble at week three. He was able to keep me accountable to the process whilst being kind and respectful. This is a real skill!”

The mid-point mindset shift

Accountability is what helps my clients keep going until they reach the point where they start seeing results – and it snowballs from there!

Maria saw results on the scale from the first week, but still found it hard to believe the online coaching was really working.

“I didn’t believe I would ever lose weight, so I started this process thinking about what I couldn’t do,” she says. “After that halfway point, I saw the difference in my weight, size, and my physical strength. That’s when I developed the self-belief that I could do this!”

Maria’s transformation in numbers

Duration: 12 weeks

Weight loss: 2 stone

Waist circumference: -12cm

“Never in a million years did I think I’d lose two stone – especially not in 12 weeks!”

Life after losing 2 stone

After losing an amazing two stone in 12 weeks, Maria is happier and healthier than she’s been in decades. But it’s about so much more than the weight.

“It’s a whole change in mindset,” she says, “I feel totally different. Who would have thought that a virtual coach would be better than a trainer in a gym? Joe’s programme was convenient, flexible, with a coach who is there for you any time.”

Maria has some sound advice for anyone who wants to make a change but can’t see how.

“Find someone you trust, and trust the process too,” she says. “You will falter some days, and that’s when you need a coach who can motivate you without adding extra stress. Take it one day at a time.

“As you get older and life gets so busy, you think it’s impossible to lose weight and have a huge health transformation. But I know it’s possible, because I did it. Joe’s programme is convenient and has the support, guidance, education, and accountability you need.”

Maria used to look at body transformations online and didn’t believe they are real. Now she’s one of those stories!

You can hear even more about her experience in the interview below.

Inspired by Maria’s story but not sure about online coaching? Reach out and we’ll have a chat.

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