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Feeling Better At 40 Than Ever With Personal Training – How Kirsty Shed 35lbs Of Fat

Over 40? This will smash any preconceptions (or excuses!) about losing weight in your 40s…

Ever noticed how it’s harder to stay in shape after 40? Even if you used to be fit and sporty? That’s exactly how Kirsty felt.

This is the story of how she turned that on its head, and actually ended up in BETTER shape than in her 20s and 30s!

“I had always been active,” explains Kirsty, who is a busy Mum to two boys under 10. “I’d been exercising 2-3 times a week for years.

But almost as soon as I hit 40, it wasn’t making any difference.

The weight crept on, and I realised how unhappy I was with my body. But I had no idea what to do!”

Kirsty’s story will be familiar. The weight had slowly piled on after she had her children, until one day she looked at herself and had to ask:

“where has this come from?!”

Kirsty was only a size 14 at her largest. But what matters is how she felt.

Stuck With Nowhere To Turn For Weightloss Help?

“Being that size just felt too big for me,” she says. “My size affected my confidence and self-esteem, and I really wanted something to change.

I’m naturally confident and outgoing, but was losing that and had even stopped wanting to go out.

“I was stumped,” she explains. “I’d always eaten healthy home-cooked food and been active. I loved running, but my runs weren’t making a dent in my weight.”

Treading Water, Not Making Progress

“Everything I was doing was just to stop me getting any bigger, rather than actually losing weight,” she says.

“All that time and effort, just to stave off more weight gain. It’s so frustrating.”

Effort without progress can quickly destroy your motivation. A good coach, with experience and real-life advice, will start you moving quickly in the right direction.

And that’s what Kirsty discovered when she got in touch with us for a free consult after seeing what Morag had achieved with our personal training services.

What Kirsty Discovered About Her Habits

“My first meeting with Joe was an eye-opener!” she recalls. “I was running, but my body had got used to the same routes and distances.

I simply wasn’t challenging myself enough. And I was no longer enjoying my running because I wasn’t getting anything from it.

“I thought I was eating healthy food, but I was overindulging without realising it.

We’re a sociable couple, and I never thought about portion sizes.

That will get every body at this age! Joe helped me assess my lifestyle and habits with fresh eyes.

And then he helped me move forward – finally, I was making progress!”

Kirsty didn’t set herself any set targets for her 12-week transformation with us.

She simply wanted to see changes, and to feel better in herself. Isn’t that what we all want?

No Calorie Counting, No Weigh-Ins

So we didn’t focus on the scales at all during her transformation. We looked at measurements, body fat levels, and how her clothes were fitting.

“I didn’t want to lose drastic amounts of weight – in my opinion, women should have curves,” she says. “But I wanted to feel more confident.

I’d lost my sparkle and was sick of feeling big and wanting to hide myself away.”

Accountability, Support, Fresh Ideas That Really Work

“I knew nothing would happen if I was left to my own devices,” she says.

“I was going in circles because of what I was eating, but didn’t have the knowledge (or the motivation!) to fix the food puzzle.”

Kirsty didn’t think she could change how she ate, but our methods changed her mind!

“Joe’s coaching isn’t a diet or a silly quick fix,” says Kirsty. “He gave me a very easy way, which has now become second nature.”

We Don’t Put You On A “Diet”

We don’t do diets. After all, every client is different. That’s the beauty of our free consult.

We find out about your lifestyle, your home and family situation, your work and commute, your likes and dislikes, and any dieting history.

Then we come up with a method that will work for you.

Simpler is better – the aim is always to create a method you can stick to without fuss or disruption to your life.

“Joe helped me make more sensible choices,” says Kirsty.

“I knew I would fail if I had to cut things out. And if I’m at a restaurant with my husband or friends, I wouldn’t want to order a salad and sparkling water.

I am a very sociable person. I enjoy cooking for friends, eating out, sitting in the garden with a glass of rosé.

With Joe’s approach, I kept all that in my life – but still manage to lose a lot of weight.”

Kirsty is right. We don’t believe in cutting foods out, or imposing rules that won’t fit with your life.

Our coaching is all about educating you, showing you new ways of doing the things you enjoy, and embedding new healthier habits.

Kirsty’s Progress – In 12 Weeks

  • 24lbs weightloss
  • 35lbs of body fat – gone!
  • 6.5 inches off her waist!

“I can’t believe these results!” she says. “I feel better, my clothes are loose, and people are starting to notice.

My upper body has shaped up, and I’ve lost 4 inches off my thighs! But the most significant change is to my health.

My body fat was 39% when we started, and it’s now a very healthy 24.7%. As a Mum, that’s really important to me.”

Kirsty’s confidence and self-esteem have changed beyond recognition. She doesn’t just look much younger – she feels it!

“I hadn’t realised how low I’d got,” she admits. “I felt big all the time, and it was taking up too much headspace.

My Weight Was On My Mind Constantly

It’s a relief not to be in that horrible place. I’ve got my sparkle back. My moods have stabilised, my energy levels are fantastic, I feel calmer and more in control.

“Joe’s coaching has shown me I can apply myself and achieve something amazing.

I know I won’t put the weight back on, because it’s all been about education – not arbitrary rules! I know I can rely on myself. An incredible feeling.”

Kirsty has lost her negative associations about weighing herself and counting calories (because we didn’t do either thing during her transformation!) But this approach has to be done the correct way, with the right support.

“When I found Joe, I was already thinking about how to tackle my weight and fitness,” says Kirsty.

“I knew I needed a 1-2-1 focus. He came highly recommended, and had 5-star reviews.

Lots of his clients seemed similar to me – busy Mums my age!

“I so nearly didn’t call him, because I felt really shy about talking about my body and weight with a male coach.

But it was fine, and I’m so glad I did contact him! Joe is kind and not judgemental at all.

Within 2 minutes of meeting him, I knew I had no reason to worry.”

Personal Training At Your Home

I went to Kirsty’s home twice a week to give her a Personal Training session. Kirsty then did two more sessions using online videos I had recorded specifically for her.

She kept running, but was no longer relying on it for weight loss.

As a result, she enjoyed it a lot more! We had regular check-ins for accountability, guidance, and Q&A sessions.

“Before coaching with Joe, I was quite an erratic eater,” explains Kirsty. ““Evening meals were always home-cooked and healthy, but breakfast and lunch were grabbed without thought or even missed altogether which often meant I snacked later and picked at my kids tea.

I drank too much milky coffee and too much alcohol. My habits had crept up on me.

I’m not sure I even enjoyed them!

I didn’t keep any kind of note of my food intake and therefore had no idea what I was eating.

I guess I thought calorie counting is the only way. Joe showed me how to keep track without counting calories.

“I now savour my meals and enjoy a varied menu, with lots of fresh healthy and flavoursome foods.

And I’ve also learned to accept slight hungry feelings. Hunger is natural! I don’t need to be scared of the feeling.

My Next Meal Is Never Far Away

And I still allow myself to enjoy chocolate and wine!”

Kirsty’s Advice

“Take a moment to think about how you want to look after your body.

We all know how important it is to take care of your mind, body, and emotions.

After 40, body confidence can suffer. But it shouldn’t take over your life. Get some help from a kind and understanding coach.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can feel happier and healthier.

I’m not saying it’s been easy, it’s been a lot of hard work but I’ve genuinely enjoyed the process and noticed changes quickly. Joe and I have a lot of fun.

He’s a nice guy, so supportive, and very easy to work with.

“I discovered I’m more strong-willed and determined than I thought I was.

My tastes and habits have changed completely now, and I don’t miss my previous way of eating.

I can clearly see why my body shape got to where it was.

My body is now how it should be and I want to keep getting stronger and fitter.

I know I won’t go back to where I was.

Our personal training sessions have transformed Kirsty’s relationship with her beloved running, too!

“I’m faster, fitter, and finding it easier,” she says, “which means I’m enjoying it again!”

If you want to get your body confidence back, give us a call to discover the personalised plan that will work for you.

You don’t need to waste any more time and energy beating yourself up about your weight, get in touch today to apply for our personal training services.

Let’s get it sorted, so you can spend more time being happy – and living your life!

Coach Joseph Webb.

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