High-performance lessons from the Henley Royal Regatta

With the Henley Royal Regatta over for another year, what lessons have these elite athletes left us with?

Although I haven’t often been a spectator, the Henley Royal Regatta is one of my favourite local events. The build-up of excitement, the sense of ceremony, and way Henley-on-Thames looks more beautiful than ever gives me a buzz every year.

And it’s a spectacular sporting event, with 26 races in 5 categories all showcasing athletes at the pinnacle of their sport.

Whether or not you’re a fan of rowing, I think we can all learn a lot from the influence of these athletes. This is what the Royal Henley Regatta means to me, long after the boats have left the water.

“Overnight success” takes work

Seeing an elite athlete perform looks like a success story, but there are decades of hard work behind the performance. It’s the same with business, entrepreneurship, or building a great family dynamic. There’s no such thing as luck or overnight success. Behind every success story is planning, practice, support, and mistakes along the way.

Failures are learning opportunities

Can you imagine an elite rower giving up their sporting dream at the first non-podium finish? But that’s what a lot of people do during a weight loss or body transformation journey. The truth is, “failures” are nothing more than invitations to learn and improve. Your health and fitness journey is a lifelong project so welcome the ups and downs and learn from them.

Focus on getting the small things right

Rowers spend incredible amounts of time on getting the details of their stroke, position, and technique spot on because they know what an impact these have on the bigger picture. They understand that sheer strength and brute force won’t get them far if they put their oar into the water at the wrong angle time and time again. In your own fitness journey, focus on the small daily habits that create the foundation for weight loss, strength, and body transformation.

When you win, I win

One of my favourite things about watching team sport (and I include rowing in that) is seeing a group of people celebrate a win. In rowing, when the boat wins the team wins. Even in a solo sport, when the athlete wins, their coach and other supporting staff win as well. That’s how I view coaching – when my clients win, I celebrate for them. Who do you have in your inner circle contributing to your wins in life?

Shared mindset builds success

Nothing we do in life is a completely solo mission. Even sole traders and single parents have a team of people in the background offering skills and support. As you embark on your own fitness journey, gather people around you who share your values, mission, and mindset. Together the group achieves more.

The process is the goal

Ever listened to an elite rower interviewed about a win? They rarely dwell on the details of the race. Instead, they talk about the journey, their training cycle, coach and fellow athletes. Athletes understand that the true gift of any win is not the destination but the journey. In life, business, and weight loss be sure to celebrate what you learn about yourself along the way.

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Coach Joseph Webb.

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