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Having A Clear Goal Is Crucial For Success - Coach Joseph Webb.

I’ve been a private coach for nearly 15 years, and I’ve helped hundreds of men and women change their lives from a foundation of fitness, nutrition, and healthy habits.

Like all coaches, I know that transformation is all about goal-setting.

But I learned very early in my career that it can’t begin there.

There’s work to be done before you start goal setting.

After all, would you walk out of your house and slam the door behind you, stating “I want to go to Alaska!”

without working out why you want to go there, how you’ll travel, how much fuel you’ll need, and what being in Alaska will actually mean for the rest of your life?

It’s the same with any goal about your body, health, fitness, finances, or lifestyle.

Before You Decide WHAT You Want, Do Some Deep Work Around HOW & WHY

The people who make the most dramatic changes in life take complete ownership of the process.

Once you’re an adult, everything in your life starts and ends with you.

You have the power to change any area of your life, whenever you want, starting right now!

If You’re Ready To Take Life By The Scruff Of The Neck, Grab Pen And Paper…

In my 20s, my life looked very different.

I was heading down the wrong road, but the worst thing was I blamed everyone except myself.

My upbringing, my parents, bullies… you name it. I took no responsibility.

I was the victim, and my path was set…

Then I started working with a business coach who introduced me to the concept of responsibility.

Yes, bad things had happened to me.

But I was an adult now, and I had choices.

I could stay stuck where I was, making excuses and blaming others.

Or I could take responsibility, and start doing.

I think you can guess which fork in the road I decided to take…the one that brings immense freedom and power.

Are You Ready To Make Big Changes?

Transformation Step 1:

Take responsibility for where you are in life, all of it, good and bad.

I call it “owning your own mess”.

It’s not about judgement. It’s about responsibility.

This might feel scary, but I promise it’s also exciting.

Transformation Step 2:

The wheel of life.

I help all of my coaching clients fill out the “wheel of life” so we can see where they are at the start of their journey.

Rate your success and effort in key areas (family, fitness, health, finances, career, fun/play – etc) so you can improve.

Transformation Step 3:

Your values and beliefs.

Write down what is important to you, and what you believe to be true in life.

Some of these beliefs will be self-limiting.

I help my clients identify positive and negative values and beliefs.

Awareness is so powerful.

Transformation Step 4:

Your habits. You are where you are in life because of daily habits and choices.

Identify your good and bad habits (everything you do in a day) and you can start replacing the unhelpful habits with more positive ones.

Transformation Step 5:

Where do you want to be?

Now we start to touch on goal setting in the traditional sense…

You can see why my clients have such long-lasting success with their transformations – look at the work we do before getting to the goal-setting stage!

Transformation Step 6:

Identify your motivational fuel.

Making big changes in life takes time, patience, and consistency.

You’ll need fuel along the way.

Work out what drives you, and find out how to sprinkle this everywhere in your daily life. Don’t urn out of what motivates you.

Is this different from anything you’ve been told about goal setting?

As you can see, my approach is much more than personal fitness training – which is why it works so amazingly well.

Talk to me about making big changes in your life, fitness, health, or body.

Coach Joseph Webb.

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