Derek loses 20 kgs fast and cures his sleep apnea

Derek Before Photo - Coach Joseph Webb

Derek Before

Derek After Photo - Coach Joseph Webb

Derek After

Del was determined not to become the cliché of an unhealthy, overweight businessman. Here’s how he took control, lost 20kgs body fat, and designed himself a healthy long-term future.

Every New Year’s Day I would be heavier than I had been the year before,” said Del. “It was a pattern I definitely didn’t like. I was approaching 50 and knew I had to make a decision – was I happy to be a fat 50-year-old or a lean one? At 16 stone, I was on track to be the fat guy. I wanted to be healthier and be there for my family.

Del exercised regularly and felt he understood what needed to be done, but admits he never stuck at anything. He had let his work-driven lifestyle get in the way of a healthy routine.

When two of his friends recommended Coach Joseph Webb, Del got in touch. I helped Del see that he could reach his goal of a lighter, leaner body and healthier habits.

Lifestyle Habits Adding Up To Weight Gain

“Like many people, we had got into a series of bad habits which didn’t seem all that significant,” said Del. “I was definitely underestimating the calorific intake of occasional takeaways, snacks, drinks, and entertaining clients. Joe helped me see that I was consuming thousands of extra calories without realising it.

“It was too much, too often. Joe helped me realise the truth of our eating habits and gave me someone to be accountable to whilst I started making better choices.”

Del and his wife Fi (Read Fi’s Story HERE)worked with me for 12 weeks, but Del says he started noticing a visible difference in just 4 weeks.

“Joe was very encouraging and helps me think about good food choices and portion sizes. That level of accountability kept me focused, and before long I could see a difference in my energy levels, weight, and waist size.”

The Discipline Of Regular Exercise Sessions

“I was concerned that Personal Training would mean being shouted at like a bootcamp, but Joe is very relaxed,” said Del. “The physical exertion of the sessions was easier than I imagined, and an enjoyable start to my day.

“Joe came to the house to train me once a week, and supported me during the rest of the week via email and messages. He kept an eye on my food diary, and was on hand for interventions and encouragement. He is hugely positive, and creates an environment where you want to be successful.

“Right from the start, he told us that if we stuck with the plan then the weight would drop off. Even so, I was astounded at the results.”

Del’s 12-Week Transformation

In 12 weeks, Del lost fat and gained muscle. His whole body changed, leaving him fitter and leaner with a new set of good habits which will set him up for a healthier future.

Here Are Some Of The Highlights From Del’s Stats:

1. His waist went from 43 Inches down to 36.5 Inches (6.5 Inches gone)

2. His hips went from 42 Inches down to 37.5 Inches (4.5 Inches gone)

3. His chest went from 45 Inches down to 40.5 Inches (4.5 Inches gone)

4. His body fat percentage went from 29% down to 13% (Which equates to a whopping 38 lbs of fat gone)

Small Changes = Big Results

Coach Joseph Webb helped Del see how easy it is to lose a lot of weight and make big changes.
“You don’t have to make a huge adjustment to snip 500 calories a day from your diet,” he said. “If you do that for 12 weeks, you’ll see amazing results. Joe’s approach is really sustainable, and I know it’s a proper lifestyle shift that I can continue as everyday life.

I don’t want to go back to where I was. I’m going to keep playing squash with my eldest son, doing bike rides with the family, being a healthy husband. We should all want to be healthy. If you see yourself heading down the wrong path, make a decision to do something about it. With Joe, it only takes 12 weeks to learn new habits and get yourself on a different path.

“I’ve enjoyed the process so much I’m doing it another 12-week block with Coach Joseph Webb. I would recommend Joe to anyone.”

Coach Joseph Webb.

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