Amanda thought she’d never be fit & slim again…she’s now a size 10!

'Author Amanda Jenning's goes through incredible transformation with Coach Joseph Webb.
‘Author Amanda Jenning’s goes through an incredible transformation with Coach Joseph Webb’.

Amanda Jennings is best known as a novelist, but she had been a keen sportsperson in her teens and early 20s, enjoying an active lifestyle.

Like so many people, her role in life seemed to shift when she had her first child. And now, with her 50th birthday on the horizon, she wondered if she was destined to leave her sporty self in the past. Or was it worth trying to reconnect?

“I’d always seen myself as a fit person,” she says. “When the children were young, I drifted away from all my sports, relocated, and never found an outlet for that side of myself.

“Now my girls are older, I’m able to focus on myself. And with a big birthday coming up, I got thinking about who I really am and whether that sporty side is too far in the past.”

Losing Touch With What Was Important To Her

Amanda and her family are keen skiers, and she had always embarked on an emergency fitness routine before any skiing trip. Her body seemed to remember how to get in shape, but each effort was a bit less successful.

“I spend so much time telling my three daughters not to fixate on their body image, but I felt like a hypocrite,” she says. “I felt like I had no control over my body and was getting really down on myself.”

Injury And Weight Gain

Amanda’s former fitness served her well, enabling her to play tennis and go skiing even though she wasn’t happy with her weight or fitness. And then she got injured.

“I was a couple of stone overweight at this stage,” she says. “I had some bad advice from surgeons, put on even more weight and totally lost all my fitness.

By the time I eventually had knee surgery, I had lost touch with my active self completely.”

One of Amanda’s friends had worked with me and had a fantastic transformation.

She persuaded Amanda to get in touch.

“When I met Joe I was in a pretty dark place with my weight and lack of fitness,” she explains. “I felt out of control and didn’t feel able to tackle it by myself.”

Find A Coach Who Understands Your Motivation

We had a chat and I understood how important fitness was to Amanda. It was about so much more than losing weight and getting leaner, or fitting into a smaller pair of jeans. If she could get back in touch with her sporty side, she would feel empowered and confident – like her old self again!

“Joe has an incredible way of connecting with what really motivates you,” says Amanda. “I remember what he said to me on that first meeting – there are still three months left of the year, don’t write it all off, you can make an incredible transformation in 12 weeks.”

And she did.

Coach Joseph Webb success story Amanda Jenings
‘I feel like me again!’ says Amanda.

Amanda’s Transformation In Numbers

At the start 171lbs, 37.8% body fat, size 12-14

After 14 weeks 149lbs, 24.8% body fat, size 10

Amanda gained 6lbs of muscle and lost an incredible 28lbs of body fat. She can now slide into a pair of size 10 jeans with no effort at all!

A Tailored Approach To Health And Fitness Coaching

For 14 weeks, I went to Amanda’s home to train her once a week, and gave her a personalised training plan and videos for the rest of the week.

I gave her support with her nutrition and oversaw her food diary, and was always available throughout the week for support and motivation.

“Joe was exactly the right person to help me,” says Amanda. “He’s so professional, warm, and understanding. He managed to clock into my kryptonite – that I needed to connect with that lost identity of the amateur sportsperson.”

Every client on my transformation coaching is different. I quickly realised that Amanda would enjoy a focused, detailed approach with food and an athlete-style way of training.

Weights And HIIT For A Total Body Transformation

“Joe taught me about weight training and it was an eye-opener,” she says. “I loved the challenge and never got bored.

Weights and HIIT are an incredible combination and made it very easy to lose weight and get back in shape.

His workouts are so effective, all you need is 20 minutes to work hard. I’ve toned up at the same time as losing weight, and I love feeling strong.”

Amanda can now run long distances without stopping, lift weights, and move with no aches and pains.

Enjoying The Physical Side Of Life Again

“I’m fit again, stronger than ever, and feel much younger than I did,” she says. “I know I can set a fitness goal and go for it. I’m enjoying the physical side of life for the first time in a very long time.

“I’m so grateful to Joe. His transformation coaching really is life-changing – it’s about much more than losing weight and getting in shape.”

Have you lost touch with the old you?

Let me help you get back to it with health and fitness coaching that transforms every area of your life.

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